Santa Fe

We are en-route back home to New Orleans from Santa Fe. We had an absolutely wonderful time. We walked all of downtown many times over. The weather was perfect-high 70’s most days and high 50’s at night. It was an enchanting experience. We don’t spend that much time outside in New Orleans. I think we have two perfect days in the Spring and Fall.

I am impressed with the rugged beauty of Santa Fe. The adobe houses and territorial architecture is beautiful. The New Mexican food is good but now at my advanced age I can’t eat the highly spiced food. Everyone was kind enough to make my food a little toward the moderately spiced type.

We walked, talked, had some really good meals and enjoyed each other. Carol particularly had a great time she said because she didn’t have to prepare meals, wash clothes or make beds. Wives do so much that we sometimes forget to thank them for.

I’m reading about Elijah and Ahab in 1 and 2 Kings these past several days. There is much to ponder here and shortly I will share my thoughts in poems.

We will be home this week and then one more trip (to London) to finish off my sabbatical. I will share about our trip as opportunity affords me.

Blessings to you. Clay