Beautiful weather today. We jumped on the 38 bus from Victoria and rode direct to the British Museum. The bus stop was two blocks from the museum and those two blocks were covered with shade from the buildings and trees. I stopped in at the Starbuck’s across the street for a decaf espresso and then on to the museum.

What a museum. The Rosetta Stone was the first exhibit. I was captivated. The real Rosetta Stone. We never came off of that high. Ninevah and Nimrod, Mycenae, and so many other cities and civilizations and individuals were on the first floor. We decided to work through the whole first floor and then lunch at the Cafe. We left to browse around town after lunch. Our plan is to come to the British Museum a second day and do the upper floors.

We caught a number 8 bus to the Liverpool Street Station and wandered around in that area. We checked out the Old Spitafields Market. It is totally reconstructed and integrated into a modern skyscraper. Starbuck’s was one of our stops. It was an upscale development and everything we saw was very expensive.

We walked back to the Liverpool Street Station and caught the 11 bus that comes back to Victoria. That was an interesting ride at the afternoon rush hour. It took a while to get across town but we made it fine. We decided to pick up something and eat in our flat. We were worn out.