We have a long list of things to see. We made it to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Sanctuary, Westminster Hall and the House of Commons, and the Imperial War Museum. We learned how to change Underground lines, read the bus schedule and literally travel to all parts of London today.

Carol did very well climbing stairs. The Underground did have some escalators and elevators. The bus was easy to get on and off. All of the people we met were very nice. As a matter of fact we have been impressed with how nice everyone is. It makes a journey much easier when folks are kind.

London is a marvelous city. Its complexity and charm are its character. So many of the buildings are new and yet they pay homage to the past by listing on their facade the name of the building that was on that site the longest.

We passed the Griffin (bronze dragon) going into the City of London on the bus. We had lunch at GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) across from St. Paul’s. When we finished lunch we walked across the back of St. Paul’s where the locals had scattered across their lawn having their lunch. There were several hundred people enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze.

The Imperial War Museum has as a special event the Holocaust Museum. It is thorough and moving. This museum is excellent. The visit was encouraging and discouraging. The Holocaust Museum does that to me every time.

We visited in Central City, Westminster, and across the Thames to the South Bank and the borough of Lambeth. The Underground was very easy to traverse. The bus system was easy to use getting back to our flat. We were bone tired! So tired that Adam went out and got food for us to eat in tonight.

I’ve been thinking about my friend Jimmy Dukes today. I am grateful to God that He sent me such a good friend. The only thing that would make our trip better would be for Jimmy and Retia to be here with us. I am praying that one day soon they will both be able to travel with us again.