London is expensive. It is difficult for me because I am so tight. I could say it more nicely but that is the simple truth. I’ve been careful with money my whole life so as wonderful as our trip is it eats away at me that it costs so much. Lord help me spend wisely.

We are making friends at all of the places we are frequenting. For sure the Starbuck’s nearby and the restaurant Giraffe, the grocery, the newsstand at Victoria Station and several other places. I’ve also struck up conversations with the same guards at the British Museum. The first day we went to the Museum I had on dark slacks and dark blue NOBTS button down which is identical to their
uniform. The guard I’ve talked with several times now pulled me aside and warned me that I would questioned by patrons since I looked like an employee with my dark shirt and slacks. I was and at first it surprised me but by the time we left it was old hat. The guard greeted me when we went in this morning. I had on a light tan shirt so I wouldn’t get any questions today.

We had a stellar day. Used the bus to traverse the city and had no problem. What a great public transportation system. We also experienced the “black taxi’s” today from the British Museum to Harrod’s Department Store. Sorry but I found Harrod’s to be very, very expensive. So much so that it took some of the joy out of the visit. Oh well we can change locations but we seldom change ourselves.

Adam goes home on Sunday morning. He has been quite a help on the trip and has made it a much more enjoyable trip by being with us. He is helpful and thoughtful. Carol and I are aging and as much as I try I can’t do what I once could. At the end of 15,000 steps it is all I can do to get back to the flat. My thanks to Adam for being such a great traveler and son. We will miss him when he leaves. I will be emailing my posts for Monday thru Friday to him and he will post them for me.

This trip has been a great encouragement for me. I’ve now completed a good overview of the Bible Lands and the repository of so many Biblical artifacts. The British Museum is just superb. We waded through so many items that dated from 3,000 BC to 5,000 BC. A long time ago. It did make me realize that the Lord used Britain to safeguard so many items that would have been lost to mankind if they hadn’t dug it up and brought it home. Yes, I know those countries want those items now but that is a relatively new idea for them. I’m glad it is around for us to see.

I was thinking about Dennis Cole and praying for him this morning. They are in Israel on the dig at Gezer. Dennis and those with him are doing a remarkable thing there and hopefully will uncover even more data that relates to our Bible. I’m looking forward to their discoveries. Thanks Dennis for your indefatigable focus on your work.