KELLY AND ADAM (married Jan 11, 2014)
Kelly is wise, royal, servant of the most high God
Christ is her compass, mentor, guide
A deepening commitment, personal goals in tow, her life glows

Adam is quiet, still water runs deep, He loves Jesus
His strength is doing, he follows The Lord, he does for others
A Man of God, his skills speak, his life carefully devoted to Christ

Kelly and Adam met in Israel, both prayed for, a spark ignited
Adam pursued, Christ led, Kelly listened
Now together, walking with Jesus, a new life as 2 becomes 1

A Christ led life together, they complement each other, love
Everything new, Jesus will equip you, this marriage will work
Each giving 110%, both surrendered, what a wonderful thing Christ has wrought

Kelly and Adam Corvin, you are responsible for each other
Life is hard, Christ defeats hard
Victory is assured, life blessed, Jesus is Lord

Clay Corvin, Neve Ilan, Israel
December 29, 2013