Life is passing by at an alarming rate, tomorrow never arrives
We are consigned to today, All we do and say is right now today

The world lulls us to sleep, Identifying work as things we do
But the Word clearly defines prayer as work, Work we must do now

Faith is fundamental to our growth, without faith it is impossible to please God
As we grow our faith we develop our gift of love, love for the brethren

We love one another, not just in thought but in deed, our love is an action
Love enables us to see that people count, Love compels us to do unto others

Our prayer is critical to our growth, pleading with the Lord for the lost
Praising God for those saved, amazingly we discover prayer changes us

Change is necessary for growth, the truth is we are in constant change
All of our change take place in the now, as we pray we change

We are thankful for our change, we are usable because we have changed
The Lord blesses us through our change, we bless others as we change

As the Lord changes us He gives us wisdom for living, we share this wisdom
Wisdom equips us to be useable and teachable, we desire growth

The world seeks to stop our growth, the world is against Jesus and us
God will not be stopped, He will succeed in us, what He begins He finishes

Victory is assured, doubt and pain our constant companion, do not fear
Jesus is with you, pray, the Lord works thru you, pray

Do not fear the world, do not worry about success, spend time in prayer
Prayer counts, we are talking with the Lord of all and He loves us, pray.

Clay Corvin January 25, 2014