Adam and Eve not far fetched, a modern day Peyton Place, how do Satan it’s a nice day
Did God really say that Satan asked about the apple, Eve was thinking about herself
Adam wasn’t thinking about anything, no focus, doing his own thing, just another day in Paradise

We stand to lose so much, every tub has to sit on its own bottom, choices mean a lot
We let the world instruct us, the losers impugn us, the winners disgust us
And we are always choosing, who to follow, who to emulate, what we will be

Stop right there, commit to be a be, spend time with Jesus
Read your Bible, you must know, people count with the Lord
Jesus died for people, not for buildings or programs, people count with Jesus

Life isn’t about us, it’s all about Jesus, He lives in us to help others
We are called to love Christ, we are equipped to help others, people need help
As we help we grow, as we grow we help, we learn to love the brethren

You have a calling, it comes from Jesus, He will not hide it from you
Our calling always relates to helping others, the world is dead in its trespasses and sin, we seek the lost
We tell them about Jesus, we help them live their life by being what they need, sacrifice

Life is real, time is passing fast, what will you do?
Let me encourage you to love Jesus, read the Bible and surrender you life to Christ
He will use you up, you will thrive on His use, the world will be changed by your service to Jesus

Clay Corvin January 18, 2014