Joyful living andhow can it be? Where I’m living I must be set free
All around are trips and traps- How can I deal with circumstance?

Jesus lives in me- Christ sets me free- Only Christ could possibly
Face the world that troubles me- every time I choose I lose

Remember when- I swore I would change- this sin would go
Yet here I stand in sin again- why is all this sin having strength over me?

I know it’s possible- I know it’s meant for me- help me I plea
Focus, focus, focus is the key- Jesus is alive in me

Struggles always win- I bend my knee to Him- Jesus works in me
Facing life in my body- using hands, feet and mouth- Manifesting His life in me

Magnify Jesus- My soul declares- All my strength is Him
Conspicuous love and joy- breaking out of me-magnify Jesus in me

Even in the midst of unfairness- I do not panic or flee- every day His grace is new
Taking all the things I do- working out my life for me- every moment victory

Holy Spirit filling me with Jesus- ahead of my need- knowing me
Impossible circumstances- healing salve applied- Jesus knows me

Alive is Christ and dead with Christ is gain- whatever it will be
I claim Jesus- every minute ever day- Magnifying Jesus in me

Clay Corvin – July 13, 2007