Together we stand in Christ
On our own we will not survive
Because we need a guide to help us behave
More like Jesus everyday

People count we make it so
Remembering the value Christ gives our soul
I am responsible for how I live It’s what I do that counts
The key is to be Yielded in service to Christ

Glorifying Jesus is my life It fills my vacant life
Making all I do and say Important in my life each day
Instilling hope in the life I live Knowing soon I’ll see
Jesus standing before me Well done my friend Well done

Wisdom comes from knowing Christ The Word begins the way
Experiencing truth is critical I let Him control each day
Pointing out my sin Each error on my way
Then I will change Walking HIS way this day

Glorifying Jesus is my life I talk to all I meet
Best with hands and feet Becoming more like Christ
Jesus is the focus of my life Telling His story by sacrifice
Living a life like His Setting aside my claims I live in Jesus name

I am me Each of us will be Where and what we are
That is more than great That in Christ is all we need
His gift forgiving me for eternity bringing me into His family
Changing the world through me As I live in reality Jesus is glorified

Clay Corvin 7/20/07