Who am I? I feel so alone— rejection is my home
I cry to youexpecting you to say?
I’m the one that lives my life
It happens every day
Better to have lived and tried
Than whine I just can’t do

What am I that I should claim
This painful heart and broken name
Oh, I was medicating pain
Now my confidence flew
I’m sad and feeling blue
Jesus I thought I knew You

“Stop and hear the Lord declares
I made you for My joy and blessed your earthly form
I’m giving you a chance to claim
All that you need in Jesus name
Stand and be My child
I will grow your faith”

Everything you see is Mine
I’m never lost or confused
I will be your guide—reminding you I care
All you do is bend your knee
Claim your life in Christ
I will listen and give you advice

Now my heart is filled with joy—No longer am I blue
Jesus cleansed my soul
He put a heart in me
Now I am free and know what I’ll be
A servant of the Lord—proclaiming Christ has come
All can have God’s peace—He loves you and me
Clay Corvin