Called in his mother’s womb
God knew Jeremiah
Had a plan for his life
Before he began human life
God thought of us first
God is good to me

God is God and there is no other
He is sovereign and Lord
Calls each one of us to be like Him
We surrender, He molds us like Jesus
Giving what we need
Our life is before His watchful eye

Mission and ministry
We are all called
A work for us to do
A life for us to live
However hard it is
Jeremiah’s was harder

Jeremiah knew God’s call
He wasn’t a good speaker
Language wasn’t his strong suit
But God put His Word in Jeremiah’s mouth
He said to Jeremiah-Trust me
I am not limited like you

We want to know
Not to do but to command
Even the Lord did not think
God and His relationship was easy
We cannot know what THEY see
The Lord is good, He is good to me

All the problems we read in Jeremiah
No different than the problems we see
Christ is seeking to help us grow
Uprooting and tearing down my sin
Destroying and Overthrowing again and again
He is at work, molding Jesus in me

Clay Corvin 9/26/09