Controversy isn’t new
The world hates Jesus
They will hate you

Circumcision, prayer, miracles
It can be any reason
Whatever they make up will do

Prejudices, skin, parents
All convenient excuses
By grace thru faith in Jesus
Salvation comes to you

Confrontation done carefully
Getting the facts out in the open
Stating your position and living it
Will enable you to stand true

Jesus is a choice
That only you can make
Ask Him into your heart
Believe that His Word is for you

He lived a perfect life
Died on the cross
Raised by the power of God
Now He lives in you

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
God’s everything
What the world declares is a lie
Your relationship with Jesus is true

Choose now who you will follow
Choose to be saved
God died for you
Accept Jesus is what you should do

Clay Corvin 9/13/09