A tree is a thing of beauty, alive, productive, valuable
Providing many almonds for a hungry world
Requiring a caretaker, one who collects its fruit
The tree is faithful to always be an almond tree
Bearing its fruit in its season, always, regularly
Watch for the Spring, the blossom of the tree announces its arrival
It does it every year, consistently, faithfully

There is an example for us
An example for living, an example for serving
We are called to be faithful
Always reliable, we can be counted on
Awake and alert, we are to always produce fruit
Our master, Our Lord is our caretaker
He is tending to our needs, asking only for our faithfulness

There is a lesson for us about our Lord
Even when it seems as though He doesn’t hear
He is on time, The Lord is watchful over all we do
His promises are true, everyone is true
The Lord will fulfill His purpose in you
His plan for your life will be fulfilled
God is watching you

Clay Corvin 10/03/09