Look at you, standing tall, think you are the best of all
Powerful ways, strategic mind, lifts you above the fray

Who can lead, who can win? Never share your strength with men
Example for all, wars and strife, boot strap living is hard and nice

Jesus came, a servant to all, fully man alike us all
Different in His purpose, He knew the secret of power, serve one and all

God works different than us, the world is not a lure, He is all and in all
Bigger than we can think, He is God, a waiter to the least and the small

His hands can hold the universe, and an atom, and you and me
He seeks to give us direction, for a joyous life, a life of accomplishment

He says again, I would you do this, wait on others especially the weak
In waiting you will find strength, I will renew your faith, I will use you

In our failure seeds of victory are sown, watered by God, Christ in us
Our purpose is true, a slave and servant to man, Jesus is Lord of all

Clay Corvin 10/10/09