Italy Pilgrimage. Sunday -3/17/13
What a day! We traveled from New Orleans on Saturday arriving in Rome Sun. morning at 6:35am. Our larger group would arrive from New Orleans at 9:20am. We transferred directly to the Hotel Lancelot dodging the set up for the Rome Marathon and arriving at the hotel in good time. I needed to get our Roma Passes but the office was unreachable because the Marathon had it blocked off. Oh well something always goes a little amiss.
Chilly weather. In addition to the Rome Marathon there was a rugby match and a soccer game in town (it included the Irish and today was St Patricks Day) and of course the new Pope Francis had a public mass at St Peter’s. all in all the word was there were 1,000,000 additional people on the streets and we ran into a majority of them.
Carla, our longtime friend and guide met our larger group at the airport about 9:30am and took them to Ostia Antica, St Paul’s outside Rome and an overview of Rome.
We all met up about 4pm. All of us were worn out.
Bible study at 6pm with Dr Dukes teaching in Ephesians and Dr Nelson Price teaching about the Bible and the Papacy.
Great meal, many worn out folks chatting glassy eyed and now to bed. Big day tomorrow.
Clay. 3/17/13