Life’s hard, difficult to assess, tragedy lurks around the corner, no relief found
Evil comes a calling, it knows my name, stuff I’ve tried all my life, failure again and again
All around are people, they seek to tear me down, they know my name, my heart defamed
But I will not bend or break, success is just ahead, no fear in failure, victory is my name

Persecution will come, in unexpected ways, I serve the Lord, His ways are my ways
It makes me peculiar, the world hates that, but Jesus loves His people, His love lines my way
I can survive, Jesus loves me, I am without fear, eternity holds me near
Whatever men may be, whatever comes my way, God is good, God is just praise His Holy name

I do not wish ill on anyone, those that defame the Lord, will meet justice, evil will fail the day
When we love Jesus, we are a fanatic, we do what HE says, the world cries fool, odd, evil
Today right is wrong, wrong is right, God nullifies that kind of thinking, right is always right
Those who bless God are blessed, those who curse God are cursed, God always knows, everything

Quickly do the wicked disappear, soon ripe soon rotten, soon plotting soon rotting, justice
The wicked come to nothing, as they are flourishing they are withering, no one will profit from them
Their aim is bad, their work is worse, their end is the worst of all, they are cursed and never blessed
We do not rejoice, there is only weeping for the lost, people that slander the Gospel we dare not bless

Clay Corvin
March 9, 2013