Bearing His cross He went out
Whipped and beaten within an inch of death
The Romans were proud of themselves
The men enjoyed the sport of beating a prisoner
Every step Christ took was painful
It took all of His strength to walk to that place
Toting His cross to Calvary
That evil place of suffering – Golgotha

The soldiers laid Him on the cross roughly
The rulers of the world murdering whom they pleased
The nails slammed into His feet and arms
Pain beyond belief-the nerves violated screamed out in pain, pain, pain
Exhausted He could not rest
Sagging would stop His lungs from breathing
He knew my sin, He held on in this horrid pain for me
His blood spilled on the Cross, that evil place my place of rescue

He obeyed the Father
His work was done
He breathed His last breath
Thoughts of me on His heart
He knew the life that I would live, the pain I would feel
He took it all upon His heart and died to set me free
The perfect sacrifice, Christ saved me
Seated with the Father He prays for me-Jesus loves me this I know

Clay Corvin March 30, 2013