Life is hard and getting worse
All around my world is bust
Deep inside a wary buzz
I’m guilty of sin, I know you’ve heard
I can’t deny, reply it, shake it, it sticks to my very soul
O Lord hear my cry help me before I die
I will change my way of living

Nothing happened except I feel different
I know I’m a sinner and the Lord knows every sin
I know that only Christ can wash my sin away
He has, I believe it
He heard me, He promised me
Renewed and cleansed
I believe that the Lord has forgiven me

I sit and wait with silent expectation
What will the Lord do with me now?
Waiting upon the Lord, time slowly ticks by
It’s never this slow when I’m doing things

No talking, only listening
Quietly Jesus responds to me
He reminds me
There is mercy with the Lord, exactly the amount of mercy I need
HE gives me redemption, I am renewed
Jesus has broken the silence and spoken to me
Praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow
Jesus has saved my soul, unto eternity

Clay Corvin 4/6/13