I’M HERE GOD (Thoughts on Psalm 131)

David cried out “my heart is not proud, my eyes are not haughty”
Don’t trifle with God, HE knows your heart, pride will out, think this through
He sees your eyes, Jesus knows you, every second, every look
Set aside your pride, life is a common experience; every person you see has value
God knows you, your boastful past, set it aside, pride of the present, bend your knee
Be yourself, not what you think others think of you, bend the knee to the Lord

Set aside the pride of life, self sufficiency, dependence on the world for your happiness
His GRACE is sufficient for you, do what you can, do it the best you can, rejoice in who you are
Those who wish to be everything will wind up being nothing, know your limitations
Mind your business, seek to help those around you, people need people, they need you
So often in wishing to be great we fail to be good, seek the Lord and His righteousness
Do His will and the Lord will see you through

Hope in the Lord, in things, every day, every way, hope in the Lord
We do not build value with things seen but it is those things unseen where we build value
Stop yearning for the world, do not seek position, or prominence, instead serve where you are
Calm your soul before the Lord and things will straighten out, appreciate the Lord’s presence
Look at your past, it warrants confidence, evaluate you present, it demands confidence
Hope in the Lord, our future justifies our confidence, I’m here Lord, I love you

Clay Corvin 4/13/13