GOOD NEWS (MK 15:42-16:8)

Sin has overwhelmed us
Each one dead in their trespass and sin
Christ has made it possible for our forgiveness
God has met our desperate need

Joseph of Arimethaea a member of the Sanhedrin
Had covertly followed Jesus
At the Cross Joseph changed
He knew the sacrifice Jesus had made

Defying his fears
Joseph asked Pilate for the body of Jesus
Pilate marveled that He was dead
Joseph laid Him in his own tomb-grief stricken Joseph rolled the stone in place

Sunday morning the women came to anoint the body of Jesus
The stone was rolled away
Looking in the tomb they saw a young man sitting to the right-DO NOT FEAR
Jesus who was crucified has risen-go tell

Good news-my Savior died for you and me
A perfect life-a perfect death
Raised from the dead by the power of God
Jesus is alive and well-Good news for you and me

Clay Corvin April 19, 2014