Jesus submitted Himself to the establishment
Abused by the leaders who swore to do God’s will
They lied and cheated the system
Abusing Jesus they convicted Him and delivered Him to Pilate

Jesus knew what would happen
Willingly He accepted the road to the Cross
He knew our sin; it destroyed Him
His heart near bursting as He paid the price

We couldn’t pay the price;
We would scream our innocence
Innocent of this charge but guilty of sin
Only Jesus could win our freedom; Christ would die for you and me

Thursday night they rigged the trial
Early Friday morning He endured the Sanhedrin
Then to Pilate and Herod and back to Pilate who judged Him innocent but was afraid to free Him
They beat and beat and beat Jesus and walked Him to the Cross where He willingly died

Christ stood the test
His life a sacrifice; His death a victory
Buying our pardon; His work offers life for free
Judged by God; guilty of love

Clay Corvin April 12, 2014