Life is a journey, some old some new
Always voices pulling at you
Famous last words predicting our path
We must learn to think and make good choices

Who will we listen too?
Daniel Webster ridiculed the purchase of California
Today if it were a country it would be the 5th largest GDP economy in the world
Decca records dissed the Beatles, 10 years later Decca was gone

The Apostle Paul saw into the third heaven and his last words call us to
Be faithful in our duties
Hold onto sound doctrine
Guard what you say and do
Be willing to suffer persecution for the Gospel
Work hard at what God has called you to do

You are just starting out in life
Everything looks exciting and new
Listen to Jesus and He will tell you what to do
Trust and obey and Christ will be faithful to you

In your life there will be hardships and failure
But never, never, never quit
Failure isn’t permanent, you count and Jesus loves you
Make good choices and the Lord will deliver you

Clay Corvin May 16, 2014