Everything in our life has changed
My ideas have been redrawn
We are committed to follow the Lord
Because you have been the focused One for Fifty years

It’s you Carol, you, you, you
Consistently the Lord has revealed His plans for us to YOU!
So many think I’m kidding when I say that, just being kind
You know it’s true, four times HE has redirected us through you

Many say marriage is a fifty-fifty thing
It isn’t, both have to be a hundred percent
In our case I’ve been one hundred percent
And you were one hundred and fifty percent

It takes more than a little trying to make a marriage last fifty years and counting
We have had great highs and sad lows
Everything about these fifty years has been a challenge
You made it work, you made me make it work, you are faithful

That Saturday, September 14, 1968
Next to my salvation the greatest day of my life
I married that thin slip of a girl, thinking I would be the strong one
Little did I know that the Lord was sending the right strong person to guide me

You are still just as beautiful as in 1968
More beautiful, a surface beauty and a beauty of depth
You are kind and gentle with me and long-suffering
I come around so slowly yet you gently and kindly mature me

You and the Lord have equipped me for ministry
It has been forty-six years of ministry as a Baptist
You drug me kicking and screaming to the Baptist Church
We’ve never looked back

We both love Tuscaloosa and now we have returned to our precious city
We love the University of Alabama and now we see it everyday
We have wonderful memories and the good thing is we are daily making new memories
Jesus loves you and me, He walks with us and talks with us, praise the Lord for fifty years

Thank you, Carol, for your wonderful and rich love for me
I love you, I love you, and I am grateful to the Lord for you
Retirement is great but even greater is waking up each day with you
The Lord is good, and He has been wonderfully good to us

Rejoice, today we have been married fifty years, isn’t it great!
Clay Corvin to his precious partner of fifty years. I LOVE YOU! September 14, 2018