Jesus is alive and well living life in us
Calling us to listen and change
His new way of life detailed and complete

The World is at war with us, it never let’s go
It abuses and misuses, reaching places we don’t know
Our heart is desperately wicked

A solitary life is a defeated life, we cannot win over strife
Without the Master’s wisdom and way
Life is a mess, life has no meaning, we spiral out of bounds

Our life is but a minute, green then gone
What we did as a child is seldom forgotten
It shapes the way we grow, a long dead hand having control

Jesus comes upon the scene, hear what He has to say
“I am the way and the truth and the life
No one comes to the Father but through me”

Come to Jesus, let Him have control
Listen, pray, meditate and then do
His voice guiding you, He is the way

People count with Jesus, all people, lost people
We are our brother’s keeper, even those that hate us
Bend the knee, Love Jesus, love one another

Christ tells the truth, knowing Him we know the truth
The truth is that we will struggle with sin every day of our life
No excuse exempts us, we must let Christ forgive us, we must forgive others

Jesus restores our relationships, He is life and He gives us life
His completeness covers us, His presence makes us whole
Life is valuable, every life is valuable, Jesus is God’s everything

You are called, Christ equips, do the work of the kingdom
Time is flying by, you only have so much left, get busy
We become world changers, when people see Jesus in us

Clay Corvin, Last Saturday living in New Orleans, 8/25/18