We have an awesome and mighty God
He loves us with a burning passion, focused
Undeterred by our faithlessness, He loves
His love is complete, eternal, without qualification
We come to Him as He calls us, always looking, always calling
We waste a lot of time ignoring His call

Life has a way of slipping by, we think tomorrow always comes
One day it doesn’t, we walk across the divide and face Jesus

His concern for us is that we are His way of calling all
We are His shepherds of humanity, we are to love, as He loves
Our call is to go into the fields white for harvest
We are His hands and feet, our life a representation of His love
We are our brothers/sisters keeper, we know the truth
We live His truth, we become the flesh and blood of Christ
We are calling the called, reaching out to the lost
The Cross is our reference point, sacrifice our mandate
We can take it, He heals our wounds
We can die, He has won the victory and He is the life giver

Lord we love you, see by the way we live
Lord we see your majesty, see how we love
People count with the Lord, they count with us
Help us Lord to plead with the lonely, to find the lost
Jesus we know you, help us to communicate our relationship
Today is all we have, we are but a breath
Life has great value as we give it to others
Jesus we believe, help our unbelief, today we follow You

Clay Corvin
Henry Hall, New Orleans
October 14, 2018