Know Him more each day
Read the Bible
Think about what you read
Put what you read to work in your life
Apply His wisdom to everything you do
Bend the knee to Jesus and He will guide you

Let the Holy Spirit guide your steps
Be sensitive to Him
Knowing that He will always lift up Jesus
You will too if you follow Him
As you love Jesus more and know Him better
He will put those around you on your heart

People need Jesus
They will see our Godly life
They will get to know us
We will love them and help them at every opportunity
The Holy Spirit will guide our Words
When people trust us they will try Jesus

Be prepared each day
Jesus is coming back soon
Live a life that will lift up Christ
Be ready for His return
Live as if He is coming today
Even though it may be many days from now

When we love the Lord
Grow in knowledge daily
Let His wisdom guide us
We will love Him more
We will love people around us more
Christ will be proclaimed in all we do

Clay Corvin 12/26/09