Shepherds are often lonely
No respect for what they do
Caring for the Temple’s sheep
Cold, wild, trying their very soul
They took care of the sheep

Shepherds didn’t fear anyone or anything
They were struggling
In the world and full of it
Many dark nights they were as scared as their sheep
Strange how our mind works, fear respects no one

A young man appeared out of nowhere
Brightly shinning, lighting up their place
Fear was their immediate reaction
The young man, an angel, spoke to their hearts
Do not fear, I bring you good news

A Savior is born in Bethlehem
Wrapped in cloths lying in a manger
He will save you from your sin
You will no longer fear
Your redeemer is alive, He has come for you

The Shepherds heard the young man, an angel
They believed his words A Savior is born in Bethlehem
The responded by going to see the Christ Child
They believed, it changed their life
They rejoiced glorifying and praising God

CC 12/19/09