Pray for those you know
Pray for their peace and joy
Pray that they will have a good life
Pray they will grow in Christ
Pray for their health and well-being
Pray they will be partners in spreading the Gospel

People count with Jesus
He died to set us free
He lives to serve and help us grow
Gratitude for our life is a start
We stand upon what we are
Thank you Lord for the life you give us

Rejoice for our Lord has come
He lives to give us life
He has a plan that we can work
He has called us to a partnership
We are fellow workmen in the Garden of God
The Lord chooses you to be His agent

Rejoice in victory
Rejoice in defeat
Rejoice when your feet hurt
Rejoice when your life isn’t neat
In all things and every way rejoice
Jesus is Lord and He is Lord of us

Clay Corvin 12/26/09