FOOTSTEPS (1 Pet 2:21-25)

What do you do to share His love?
How do you become like Christ?
Observe His life
Do what He did

A God first loyalty
In the life of Christ
The Father was His focus
For the things He said and did

Prayer was consistent
Every day in many ways
Jesus spent time with God
More pressure, more time with the Father

People count with Jesus
Especially little children
And the unlovely
God’s value system is different than the world

Pure in mind
Pure in speech
Pure in action
The perfect man, the perfect son, Christ our Savior

Jesus endured
He lived His life on the road to the cross
He never wavered, faithful to the end
He functioned with a Godly persistence

Jesus was the good news of salvation
He healed the broken hearted, and delivered us from bondage to sin
He gave sight to the blind, and freedom to the downtrodden
His footsteps are before us, FOLLOW HIM