Them bones are dusty and dead
Nothing stirring
No life anywhere
What is it that God says?

Hear the Word of the Lord
Live and breathe
I, the Lord will make you whole
Give you life and a soul

God made the difference
His Word
His breath
Life restored-Renewed-alive

Is there anything too hard for God?
Dry bones are knit together
Breath comes
Bones put on the power of God and come alive

All have sinned
The wages of sin are death
The forgiveness of Christ
Cleanses us from sin and we are alive in Christ

God’s Word infuriates the lost
His message to mankind
Ask Christ to forgive you
Indwell you and reside in you

Ezekiel obeyed God
Just as we are called to trust and obey
We can do nothing without Christ
He is God’s everything

Today too many have no spirit
Just like the dry bones they are empty at the mercy of the world
Christ died for you, that you might have life
Let the Lord fill you with His Spirit
Christ in you is your only hope

Clay Corvin 1/14/12