Every day I struggle to maintain control
I want to be in charge of my soul
Develop a way to monitor my worthiness
This sin, that sin, slothfulness in thought
It develops a pain inside of me that screams
You’ve not done enough today
You’ve failed in every way

I have an outer skin
That protects me from any intrusion
This façade I’ve built protects me
So that you won’t know me the way I know me
Seeing me in my sin, my failure so complete
I talk a wonderful game, see my spiritual feet
Watch how I do and say the right things

Then I’m alone again with just me
My prayers fall back from the ceiling
Lord how can You use me, I’m so weak
See how I did what I said I wouldn’t again
I forgot to speak to that one you nudged me to speak to
Woe is me, a man with unclean lips and heart and work
I am so good at sinning

Then I come to You in the midst of my great need
You remind me of Your love and interest in my life
You say that You will help me each step of the way, If I will but ask
I surrender my defeated heart, on bended knee I ask for help
I give my ego and pain to You and You comfort me
You remind me that nothing will ever separate me from You
My life is hidden in Christ with You Lord, Thank you

Clay Corvin
December 10, 2007