Used of God to claim the day and herald Christ has come
From the lips of an unholy one the truth of God has come
Word and deed are all we have and sin is always here
But Jesus Christ, the lovely one, uses our weakness here

Used of God is not a brag, He works through humble men
The more I let Him have of me, the greater is His work
As I decrease, my Christ will grow, His work will go forth
This very moment He’s using me, Oh Lord I love you so

Used of God is a quest and a gift, patience is required
His work is spread from one to one, His Word declares our need
I seek to be the one that goes, letting Jesus use me as He will
Setting aside demands for fame, the Lord bestows great grace

Jesus came and died for me and died for one and all
The news he brings to sinful man is God loves you
He’s paid the price and brought Himself and we can lay aside fear
Christ is all and all in Him and He is always near

Clay Corvin
December 23, 2007