Life is not an easy journey, even though we seek
Joy is a goal for many, out of reach and hard to hold

Concealed by pain, bruised and lame, I keep limping along life’s way
Maybe today will be my day, joy my reward for pain

Over and over I come up short, no joy to find anywhere
Out of the blue comes heartache, my enemies are everywhere

Then the Lord claims my heart, I realize He is looking for me
I bend my knee, I give my pledge, Jesus is Lord of me

I read His Word, I discover His truth, this life is a journey of faith
Faith in Him and in His Word, His love has set me free

Grace and peace has covered me, His love my hope ensures
The joy I feel is eternal and real, My obedience is the result of His love

Day by day I walk His way, His strength matures with pain
When I give up my selfish ways, His love conquers my pain

Joy in life, joy in death, joy every step I take
My price is paid, my life is made, Jesus is all I need

Clay Corvin
November 30, 2007