A new day dawns, David crowned with victory over his foes
Today we live our life victoriously for Jesus gives us HIS victory
Soon Jesus will return in triumph over the World-He is Lord, He is king
Jesus alone will be exalted

Jesus secret was His strength in the Lord God
A prevailing strength-Jesus only did the Father’s will
Refusing to act independently of the Father, He sought God’s face in prayer
Jesus alone will be exalted

Christ triumphed over all of His enemies on the Cross
Going to His death seeming meek and weak
The Father raised Him from the grave-Jesus is alive today
Christ alone will be exalted

One day Jesus will be crowned with many crowns
Absolute, omnipotent sovereignty
King of kings and Lord of Lords Jesus is the true representation of the Godhead bodily
Jesus alone will be exalted

Christ died for us-each one of us as if there were no other of us
He bore our sin to the Cross and on that Cross He paid my price, our price
His sacrifice is a worthy and perfect sacrifice-It saves us forever
Jesus alone will be exalted

Christ trusts in the Father
He trusts God’s promise and in the character of the Father as God of all things
He knows the Father, He is from God, He is with God, indeed He is God
Christ alone will be exalted

Jesus kingdom is based on power-the ultimate power of the Father
When He returns it will be forceful and violent
In an instant every enemy of God will be discovered –He knows who belongs to Him
Jesus alone will be exalted

Our God is outraged at sin – His holiness cannot tolerate it – His righteousness responds
Man’s anemic view of God will be destroyed
The Lord is angry at the wicked every day
Jesus alone will be exalted

The Lord is passionate in the prosecution of His wrath against sin and evil
His judgment will be permanent and complete and He will swallow the wicked
In that day of Jesus return the Lord will deal with the wicked by His strength
Christ alone will be exalted

At last Jesus the Lord will reign in absolute power-He will not forget us
We will see Him face to face – Lord and King we will follow Him
Throughout eternity He will be our Lord and we will be His people
Jesus alone will be exalted
Clay Corvin September 12, 2015