FORTY-SEVEN YEARS TOGETHER – spanning six decades
A quick dance – a slow tango
Meals and thrills and a cast of thousands
Many at our table-even more at our restaurants

We have learned to hang on, hang in, hang out
Struggled with lymphedema, cancer, allergies, flu
Pains lasting decades
Heartache lasting twenty plus years

Yet here we are
Together and better than ever
Each day my refrain is good morning God
Thank you for life-Thank you for Carol

We look with pride at our children and their mates
They live life with zest
Properly exhibiting the travel bug that their dad worked so hard to bequeath
Thank you Lord for our children-all six of them

Grandchildren are a blessing and we have three precious blessings
Kids say the darnedest things and ours surely did
Grandkids say the cutest things and ours do
Thank you Father for our grandchildren

We are so blessed with friends
Carol is so likable, faithful and true-her friends are lifelong and wonderful
My friends especially bless us some over forty plus years-I am grateful for them
Carol is my best friend-she is the best part of me-my guide and counselor

Thank you Carol as we celebrate another year- number 47 years of marriage
You have walked the walk and talked the talk-you are the best
Thank you for your courage, loyalty, insights and faithfulness
So proud to be with you, so proud you are my wife, thank you for this life

Clay Corvin
On this the occasion of our 47th Wedding Anniversary
September 14, 2015