A journey begins, it’s often harsh, especially after 65
Time is the enemy, not enough, too much
We put our minds on hold or think of tomorrow
Nothing is comfortable but we tell our mind relax, ignore
We will soon be there, all will be well, you’ll see, promise

Day – night – there, another journey
Luggage, immigration, transfer
Hotel, stunning sights, new smells, strange sounds
The light is perfect, pictures, walks
Dinner tastes unusually good, fading, worn out it’s time to sleep

A new morning, although the first night’s sleep is a little fitful
Showered, refreshed, dressed, sunny
Out the window amazing sights, a new place, adventure ahead
Walking to breakfast, hungry, the difficulty on the journey to forgotten
I’m here, quick breakfast, all put together, let’s go

Clay Corvin 9/24/15 sitting in the Alitalia lounge at JFK waiting on my flight
It’s been an all day journey so far. It’s just the price you pay for adventure.