Charles Salter loved his wife and children intensely and without reservation

He talked about them, was proud of them and spent time with them

Charles loved Jesus and constantly sought His direction and guidance

Quick to share his faith – consistent in living a Godly life


His family and friends were of particular importance to Charles

Charles was careful not to complain-He didn’t want to burden others with his problems

He had a strong sense of honor and always did His best

He loved his community and his country


Trustworthy in his personal and professional life

He knew what it meant to give his word


Loyal to his colleagues, his employer, his church, his family, his friends and Jesus

Charles could always be counted on to be there


Helpful to anyone that needed help

Charles was quick to jump in and do what needed to be done


Friendly to those that cared for him and those that didn’t

He was always a positive factor in any setting


Courteous to the kind and unkind

He made a decision early in his life to be polite and well spoken


Kind to friend and foe alike

It was in his nature to be kind to everyone


Obedient to the Lord, and in all areas of his life

Charles always practiced doing the next right thing, period


Cheerful in his heart, in his manner, in his thoughts

He loved people and enjoyed being with them


Thrifty with his money and yours and generous to the Lord

He lived carefully and practically and provided for his family


Brave and courageous of heart- he did things right

Difficult situations and difficult people didn’t scare Charles


Clean of mind, clean of heart, Jesus occupied his thoughts

Charles knew how important it was to let Jesus guide your thoughts and actions


Reverent to the Lord – he was a man that understood we have an awesome God

Charles had a healthy fear of the Lord-the beginning of wisdom


A real man, a wonderful friend, a great colleague- now with Jesus

We are sad- heartbroken- we were blessed to have you – adieu

CLAY CORVIN August 28, 2015