We make plans – they fail – we make more plans
God’s plans never fail – He knows the end from the beginning
We are not a mistake – our life may have many troubles
Jesus will see us through – He is the living Lord – eternal –caring-complete

The Bride of Christ – the church is with us– it belongs to Jesus – it is His
The church is for us – it is our gathering place – in Christ
The people are part of the church – Christ completes His church
The church belongs to Jesus – He will see the church through

The Holy Spirit knows our needs – Father and Son combined
Our steps are ordered if I will listen and follow those orders
But if I don’t the Holy Spirit protects me – connects with me
My life is hid with Christ in God and sealed by the Holy Spirit

Our God is a fountain of blessings – His love and grace new each day
We never draw down His supply of grace – we never tap His ability to provide
Come He says – let us spend time together – come dear child and listen to Me
He is our refuge, our strength, our leader- God plans –His plans never fail

We are called by God to be His representative – we share what He has done in our life
My life – my heart is dedicated to the Lord
I desperately seek to be with Jesus – I desire His will be done in my life
As I go through life knowing and serving Him – I share my journey with all I meet

Forever begins now – I have everything I need in Jesus – He will never leave me
Jesus protects us – His plan is not thwarted by my moral failure or foolishness
We belong to Him – we are eternally connected with the Father in Jesus
Today Jesus is with us – today Jesus guides us – today we have victory in Jesus

Clay Corvin 10/8/16