We follow Christ –Until it’s inconvenient
Asserting one’s self – Seeking to be independent
God calls us to unity – He says unity is good and pleasant
That hits our ears a tinny blow – I’m important, I count, I did it my way
Ideas straight from the pit – independence, uniformity often wicked, sometimes idolatrous
It is God’s nature to love us – His desire that we love one another

He calls us to be pleasing, friendly, agreeable, amiable, nice, genial, good-natured
All meaning pleasant – People count but we each count alike for we are His unique creation
Forget trying to be the Creator –settle down and focus on Christ- surrender your life to Him
The result –goodness, pleasure, anointing, dew, God’s blessing, eternal life
Changed is what Jesus calls us to do – Change that recognizes Christ in you
His call – Unity –and in unity the Lord gives us pleasure-there is real harmony in humility

Will I live my life under the Father’s control? Or shall I seek my own way and that is disappointing
But the World is seeking its own way- We are called to surrender our life to Jesus
Unity is not uniformity – It is a focus on what Jesus wants – what Jesus calls us to be
It comes down to us from God – It is Jesus among us –blessing us with His presence
Religions, dictators and others demand uniformity- the Lord calls us to Unity
Unity pours down upon us – covering us in the blood of Christ- we receive His life

We are one in Jesus- He is Lord- Our Lord and we belong to Him
Jesus sought for us to be one as He, the Father and Holy Spirit are one-complete
His power flows to each of us- causing a sense of community that is a result of His work in us
Removing our personal preferences –Lord we are yours –use us in the most profitable way
We are people- people are eternal –the Father has called us to live together in harmony and unity
Equipping us in His Word, prayer, devotion and faith –the Cross unites us in Jesus

Time has been unbound- He rewards us with eternity-heaven isn’t a place it is a person-Jesus Christ
We are God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule in Jesus-His community – we are one in Jesus
Unity in the Spirit-precious, pleasant- it calls us to give up ourself and live for others
We need the Lord- we live as the Lord called us – Jesus will never leave us for we belong to Him
Bow to Jesus – submit to His Word- read the Bible-pray-repent
Jesus is Here-He is calling us right now to unity –follow Christ-surrender- your life will be pleasant

Clay Corvin October 15, 2016