Jesus died for us, paying the price for our sin, He was the perfect sacrifice
His payment healed us, This calls us to live daily, To seek Him avidly
Jesus is Lord, He has displayed His Lordship to us, Dispensing death to death
His love is over abundant, His healing complete, we are cleansed by His blood

His salvation is eternal, no fear in our relationship with God
Jesus imbues us with courage, it is His nature, in us
We are equipped to hear Him, we are forgiven, we change, we grow
Constantly, daily we are growing, Jesus is our peace, He is our joy

God elected us for membership, before we were, whosoever will may come
To develop our belief in Him, faith as a mustard seed moves mountains
Our calling is sure, foundational fact of my position in Jesus
Now I live in Him, I believe Lord, help my unbelief

Thank you Lord for waking me up today, joy in your presence, peace by your hand
Thank you Lord for giving me light for living, this light reveals my sin, it nourishes me
Thank you Lord for equipping, making me useful, important, worthwhile
Thank you Lord, for you are my Father, elder brother and Holy spirit in me

Cleansed by His blood, I can glorify you Lord, I can talk with you, hear you, hallelujah
I am stained by my works each day, I’m me, help me, Lord you cleanse me
White as snow, not by my works but by your precious blood, cleansing me within
I surrender to you Lord, I surrender my time, myself, thank you Lord

Where ever I go, whatever I do Lord you are here
Not by my strength but by your choice, Lord speak to me, walk with me
Point out my weaknesses, fill me with Your wisdom, Your strength
That the things I do, the things I think, the things I say glorify YOU

Oh Lord You know all about me, yet You love me
I don’t understand this but I believe it, thank you Lord for your gift of love
Enable me to love those around me, the loveable and unloveable
You are love Lord and I bend my knee to you, pour your love into me and out of me

Father that I might love those I am with, sacrifice my life for them
Jesus my Lord, precious is your name, Holy are you Lord, You are love
When I am weak, You are strong, it takes Your strength Lord to love others
Today Lord I will love as You love me, peace and joy my gift
Clay Corvin 9/24/16