Choosing God – Isaiah 55

My life is full of choices, what I say trumped by what I do
Eternal consequences steering me, what to do what to do

My heart prods me, I have a need deeper than my soul
Resolution to life’s drama, life and death-pain and desperation

Calmly from my situation, I deny the facts of life
Reap what you sow, unexplained tragedy, today we live tomorrow we die

Yet death is an ever-present event, Oh here we are safe, our actions deny historical truth
I cannot live without God, that prime mover, Jesus Christ

Only God can satisfy my spiritual need, cleansing me, changing me
Jesus Christ is my source, I turn to Him, it makes me a part of His family

I and only I can respond for me, Christ is personal, Jesus is here
I surrender my sovereignty, bending my knee to Jesus

Now is the appointed time to call upon Him, now is when I can become His
It is a decision requiring me to turn from myself to God, I choose HIM

God’s way is better than my way, He made me and He loves me
Jesus came and died for my sin, He lifts me up and brings me into His family

God’s Word will prevail, God’s way is set, man cannot change it
The World claims you can do what you want, destruction is the end of that journey

Jesus Lord and Savior, heal me of my reckless life, forgive me of me sin
Give me life, real life, life like yours, makes me whole.

Clay Corvin August 10, 2013