Few believe God’s message, the world directs their path

God knew our need, forgiveness of our sin 

Jesus, God’s Son came to give us new life and God’s love

For God so loved the world that He gave us His Only Son, who died for us and gives us life 


Jesus grew up in a difficult place, everyone knew His disgrace

He lived a life of perfection and suffered every day

He had no stately form, nothing that would say here is God’s Son

He trusted His Father for every step, no sin, no evil, He was perfect


He was a man of sorrows, Grief stalked His life

He was despised and rejected, no one esteemed Him

He walked a lonely path, fully man, fully God

He hurt as we do only much more, His pain etched His face


He knew why He came, He willingly walked grief’s way

Daily He grew in stature, Daily He prayed for you and me

He bore our sin, He lifted our evil, He willingly paid my price, your price

Jesus knew what He was doing and still He lived for us


Christ did not complain, He did not shirk His duty

He did no violence, He served as the Father directed

A man of prayer, A person of devotion to the Father

Every day Christ gave Himself for me, Jesus loves you and me.  


Jesus lives today, He was raised from the dead by the power of God

That same power is available to us, ask Christ to save you and give you a new heart

We trust that Jesus has saved us, our hearts will testify to His grace

His mercy is great, His love is complete, Jesus loves you and me


Clay Corvin