Culture washes over us
Swimming with lies
Edged with malice
I’m drowning in it
Who can I trust? 

Dissatisfied with the world
I begin the journey of Christian discipleship
Life must be more than this
Things should add up- right is right – wrong is wrong
The world declares against sanity and peace and joy

I seek God in Jesus
He offers me peace
A journey of substance
Changing me-lifting up my wrongs and showing me the right way
Lord forgive me of my sin 

Deliver me Lord-from the harshness of the world
Your victory is my path- your light shows me the way
Camped among the quarreling ones
You Lord are my peace
Your presence changes everything-I’m living with you

Repentance is a decision-I was wrong 
My attitude accepting your grace
The road is narrow and the way is hard
Jesus carries me- He gives me light and life each day
Then one day I will stand with Him before the Father

Clay Corvin    9/1/13