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You said it Lord, I believe it, that settles it, so I thought.
The truth is the Lord said it and whether I believe it or not, it is truth.

Such was the journey for Israel. In their sanctified, cantankerous way,
They always quibbled with God, redefining what God said.
Along the way, over the centuries, they modeled their sin, it destroyed them.
Jesus said the clergy of his day were whitewashed tombs.
That’s harsh. Hard. Who would say such a thing?
God did because of Israel’s national life and direction.

Israel chose to walk away from obedience to God.
They chose idol worship, then self-centered worship.
Never built that Father-Son / Father-Daughter relationship.
They were God’s people after all, and the rules didn’t apply to them.
Their priests and rabbis said so. Over the centuries they rewrote the rules, ignoring God.

God is not in a box. We cannot maneuver God and manipulate Him with our words.
When our hearts are far from HIM. When hate fills our minds.
Jesus said love the Lord with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself.
Even a school child can understand that. Jesus came for people. Not for religion.

Be careful how you live. We are deeply flawed creatures.
Too quickly we find ourselves on the lonesome journey, no friends, by ourselves.
Stop. Get before the God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Father forgive me. Come into my heart and save me.
If you are saved remind God that you know where you are.
Father I need your help to get back to where I should be with you.

Start today. Give God all the praise, honor, and glory due Him.
Rejoice in the wonderful gift of His son Jesus and the gift in Christ of eternal life.

Clay Corvin
Henry Hall
New Orleans, LA
December 22, 2021


One day we woke up and the Lord was gone. We were looking for Him everywhere.
We had wobbled away and, in the process, turned our back on Him.
Oh, we knew our sin, and it was vast, but we couldn’t see God.
The fact is that we had turned our back to Him.

Desperately we tried all the old formulas, except changing.
We detailed our lists, cried out to God.
Where are you? Why have you done this?
Then went home to our idol worship and broken homes.
Sin is what I define. I forgot that God said He defined sin.

I struggled in my disease, in my famine and in me pain.
Withstanding God’s demands. Demanding that God change.
I continued to slip into more grievous sin. Societal sin.
Even to the point of approving desperately wicked acts of hate and evil.

I still cried out to God. A great deal of my time was before Him.
He just wasn’t listening.
I’m on my last leg Lord. Our grapes have turned sour. Our crops destroyed.
Our national condition is overwhelmed with evil and hate.
Why won’t you take care of us?

Jesus is coming. He will save us from our sin.
He will revive us again and we will walk with the Lord, Abba.
Jesus will restore us. Christ will comfort us. Life will refocus on God.
In that day everyone will say I belong to Jesus, He is the lamb of God, Lord of all.

Clay Corvin
December 22, 2021
Henry Hall, New Orleans, LA


This is a heart break story.
How God claimed a people for Himself.
They were to be His evangelist.
They saw the proclamation as a privilege. Heart break!

The story unfolds in the Bible. So many times, Israel was rescued.
They never learned. As a nation they became more self-centered.
Even while acting like the pagans around them.
In fact, God’s Word said they outdid the pagans in sin.

They changed their festivals. They added a few.
Priests and rabbis considered their national life,
As a call for seclusion, they were special, other people weren’t.
Jesus said everyone counts or no one counts.

Go tell it on the mountain. Jesus Christ is born.
God has stepped into our world and is providing for our relationship.
A personal, eternal relationship with Him.
An enduring relationship with people. Everybody counts. Love one another.

Hear O Israel, God is one and people count.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Focus on obedience to God and service to people.
When you do that, everything works. Jesus is Lord.

Clay Corvin
HENRY HALL, New Orleans, LA
December 22, 2021


Psalm 143:7 “Hear me speedily, O Lord, my spirit faileth; hide not thy face from me lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.”


It’s a rip, roaring day Lord. So much to be up for.
I’m good. Feel good. Spirit good. Thank you.

Another day. This morning, my heart is heavy. I didn’t do it.
It seems a grey cloud has invaded my mind.
The burdens of life bringing me down.
All around I see pain and anguish, indeed, I feel pain and anguish.

Life can be like carrying a heavy weight. It’s just hard to move.
You are my only hope Jesus.
You pick me up when I am down.
You carry me when I cannot move forward.

The world, the flesh and the devil work against my joy and peace.
It’s just too easy Lord to lose sight of thee.
Even when praying and reading Your Word, darkness seeks a hold on me.
Holy Spirit lift me up that I might see Jesus. He is all the world to me.

All around are dead people walking. They need Jesus.
Help me see their need. Help me care for them.
Give me Your strength and wisdom that I might be.
Claim Your joy and peace and Your faith in me.

Jesus has me. He loves me. I am free in Christ.
Do not let the world tear me down.
Build me up with Your Holy Spirit and set me free to serve.
I am Yours Lord. Slave, servant, usable.

Clay Corvin
December 9, 2021
North River, Northport, Alabama

THANKSGIVING – 11/25/2021

“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness, come before him with joyful songs. Know that the Lord is God, it is he who made us, and we are his, we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise, give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good; his love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations.” 
Psalm 100:1-5

This is the day for family and friendship. Food, gathering. Fun. Thank you, Lord, for family.
Thank you, Lord, for friends. Our lives need others.
Gratitude brings joy and peace. Come Lord Jesus, bless us.

Focus our hearts on others. People are hurting and need help. Loneliness, heartache, disappointment, failure.
So many desperately seeking to survive.
Father, help us in our joy to remember the needs of those around us.

We pray for healing. We pray for the well-being of all the hurting. Help us maintain an attitude of gratitude and a helpful hand.
We love You, Lord. Bless this day. We need You.
Thanksgiving. We are grateful. Give us peace and joy.

Clay Corvin
November 25, 2021
North River, Northport, Alabama



Everyone has problems, some severe.
People think that problems define us.
Gratitude defines us. Prayer equips us.

Spending time with God. Telling Him our plans and pains.
Asking for His protection. Shepherding us through the maze.
Lots of evil people everywhere we look. Lord don’t let us meet them.

I want to be useable and useful. Only the Lord can keep me.
I want to have victory over temptation. Focus on Jesus. He will help me.
Everything I need to lead a life of faith I will find in Jesus. He is Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for my life. It’s the only one I will have.
You, Lord, help me to make the very best of what I am given.
I seek to make You a part of everything I do. I want to know You better.

People on their own make dreadful choices. Look around. Evil abounds.
I will be careful that my choices honor and glorify You Lord.
I know that all things exist in You Lord Jesus. Thank You.

Clay Corvin
November 2, 2021


What stops you, from being the holy creature God created you to be?
Which excuse are you using today?
The Father created you for fellowship. Time with Him.

Time is something no one has too much of.
No one gets to the end of their life and thinks, wow I had too much.
Here today and gone tomorrow. Like grass in the sun. Done.

Do you really want to be Holy? Is that foremost in your imagination?
Or like me do you ridicule your mind’s eye and discount your ability?
You see the evil one is seeding your life with failure, heartache and pain.

Life deals us such vivid blows that it’s hard to get our head around holiness.
Begin today. Don’t look back. Get alone with Jesus and ask him.
What is stopping me from being who You want me to be?

Jesus: “You are!” Your response: “Please explain?”
Jesus: “Your journey to holiness begins with repentance.
Sit with me and I will detail what I want you to do.”

Time to choose. Jesus or lose. Always our choice.
The Lord desires your presence, but He will not make you be holy.
All of the distractions of life pull us away. It breaks my heart my own laziness.

Step one today is repentance. Our lives are covered up with sin.
We try to judge our sin by others. I’m not as bad as…
But the truth is our sin is what is limiting our spiritual growth.

Step two is to take responsibility for your sin. I did it Lord and I’m truly sorry.
Step three is to turn to God and accept His grace and mercy.
Step four is to reorganize your life. Jesus number one.

Wickedness is defined as ignoring God. We all do it. We are all sinners.
Holiness is a gift from God as a result of our life lived for Him.
I want to be a world changer; therefore, I must change first. Begin.

Clay Corvin
October 23, 2021
North River


PSALM 51 –

Sin like failure is contagious.
It blinds us. Makes us stupid.
Throws a blanket over our conscience.
Encourages lying, deceit, bad behavior, pride and generally any other kind of evil.
Tragically so many around us are dead in their trespasses that sin becomes the norm.
Don’t let yourself excuse your sin. Sin is still sin no matter what you think.

Only Jesus can handle our sin. Go to Him. Confess your sin. He will cleanse you.
Jesus will give you a new heart and a new song, praising Him all day long.
Your walk with change. No more burden.
Jesus will cleanse you of your unrighteousness and give you His righteousness.
You will find that He heals your spiritual relationship with the Father.
The Holy Spirit will reside in You and will guide you in the way you should go!

Jesus is God’s everything. We approach God the Father in Jesus Christ. He is Lord.
We are not the authors of our faith, it comes from Jesus. He is seeking you.
We cannot stand on our own resources, Jesus brings light and life to us.
Stand up for confession and walk in His righteousness. Jesus will deal with your battles.
Turn everything in your life over to Him and He will do it.
Today is the day, now is the time. Jesus heal me of my sin and bring me into God’s family.

He will not turn you down.
He will give you entre to the Father.
Your life will change.
Stay close to Jesus by prayer, reading God’s Word and surrender to His use of you.
People count. Forgive one another. Listen to the Lord.
Walk in Him. Jesus is Lord. Let Him cleanse you, equip you and use you.

Clay Corvin
September 22, 2021


ISAIAH 50:10-11

I pray and NOTHING. No response. No emotion. No light.
Emotionally feeling lost. What did I do? How did I get to this place?

We had such warm fellowship. The mountain top. Your sunlight.
I felt like a world conqueror. You and me together Lord.

Every step I took every move I made You were there. Guiding. Shining.
Walking me through the mess of my life. Assuring me we were going in the right direction.

I woke up today. No one was there. I felt myself alone. How would I face the world.
There was a bottle I lived in. There was a drug of choice. It helped me face the world.
It destroyed me. Pushed me one step closer to death. It enabled me to face the darkness.
Now I’m not sure. You were with me. A bright light showing my future. Now dark. Nothing.

Your call to me: man of faith, keep walking. My child, learn to walk in the darkness.
One foot in front of the other. One day at a time. Keep praying. Don’t wait on the light.
Life is for living. You’ve got this. Keep walking. Keep praying. Don’t wait on the light.
Life is happening. Get with it. You can hear me, based on what I said. Keep praying.

Do the next right thing. Darkness all about, just keep walking. Your life counts.
It’s important that you understand this is a test. A test of you. Keep walking.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. My Word to you. Keep obeying. You know what to do.
Trust in the process. Jesus is Lord. Trust in Jesus. He will see you thru the dark night.

Do not light your own fire to see your way. Trust me. Walk in obedience.
The darkness will equip you to see Jesus even better. He is the light.
Our relationship isn’t an emotional high. It’s reality. Jesus is the way. He is the light.
Keep focused on Him. Get to know Him better. Read the Word. Pray. Walk.

In the darkness lean on Jesus. Now is the time to study His Word.
Claim all the promises you can find. There are 7,000 plus promises in the Bible.
Trust God no matter what. Do not turn to your old ways. Don’t try to be independent.
Jesus is God’s everything and He is here for you.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.
Jesus is the light, follow Him. Pray. Search God’s Word. Keep on walking.

Clay Corvin
October 16, 2021
North River


We think highly of ourselves.
Hiding our thoughts from God.
Foolishly we argue, I’m not like him or her.
Or even not as bad as them. Comparison doesn’t blot out our sin.

Help me see Father.
Help me see the evil I bear-the evil based in my heart.
Evil revealed in the blink of an eye.
If my interest is blocked.

My sin burden often feels unbearable.
I sin at every chance, sometimes even when I’m praying.
My sin runs the gamut of emotions.
The worst is when the sin stain is fresh and I ignore Abba.
I look at my Father and cry, it wasn’t me!
I’m never like that at all.

Abba responds to me, “dear child quit whining.
Stop sinning and run to Me.
I provide forgiveness and restoration.”

Only Jesus can solve my sin problem.
He came to save us from our sin.
He will cleanse us from unrighteousness.
He will give us a new heart and eternal life.
And remember our sin no more.

Clay Corvin
September 16, 2019
On The way to Italy


Life has daily struggles. Sometimes more than we can handle.
The future shoulders in and the past overwhelms.
God handles our needs. Even before we ask.
My need is clarity. How can I handle today?

Christ says He has faced the loneliness I sometimes feel.
He knows my heart and my pain. He bore all my sins.
His death, resurrection and seated at the right hand of God qualify Him to rescue me.
Salvation brought me into His family. I belong to the Lord.

He knows my pain, not a pain but in fact and truth, my pain.
I walk with Him. I talk with Him. I experience His presence. I listen to Him.
My life pace is confusing. Jesus helps me sort out my mess. He touches the heart of the issue.
I need to come clean with Him. Confess my sin, all my sin, and seek to glorify God.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. His joy and peace like a river flows to me.
I must stop, look and listen. He is my peace. He is my joy.
Do not worry. Jesus says this again and again.
I present myself to the Father in Christ and can know that He is for me.

The Lord has given me a job to do. Bottom line I am to glorify Him.
Time with Him. Gratitude to Him. Listen to Him. Serve people. Be pliable.
Things change. He is calling me to change. Grow in Christ likeness.
Be His hands and feet. People need help. They are lonely. I can help.

Helping others requires me to be focused on Jesus. Filled with the Spirit.
Learn to listen. Say little and grin a lot. People don’t want to know what I know.
They want me to care. That means I become a good listener. Humble myself. Mouth shut.
When I am at peace that communicates to hurting people. My joy in Christ uplifts them.

This is a big step forward for me. Give my pain and emotions to Jesus. Let Him be my friend.
Closer than a brother. Taking my ego. Setting aside my selfishness. Jesus use me.
A Christ like lifestyle requires daily renewal. I tend towards sin most of all.
Forgive me Lord. Cleanse me from a sinful attitude and sinful actions.

I keep the Son in my eyes. I bend the knee to the Lord’s call.
People need Jesus. People need a friend. Begin in prayer.
Focus on Jesus and how He would approach this situation. Be it. Do it.
Today Jesus is Lord. He fills me. He guides me. He is in control. He is my friend.

Clay Corvin
June 30, 2021


Everything is possible with God.
People fall by the road in life.
It’s unfair. It’s not long enough. I was born in the wrong family.
I’m not educated enough. No real chances.
Too much chaos. Too much pain. Too much evil.

My God can do anything.
He is a conqueror. He loves me. He sees me as His.
I know Him. He is with me. Lives in me.
The Lord wants to bless me. He is my Savior.
Today is another chance to let Him work in me

Do not stare at the past. Life done is over.
Do not look wistfully to the future.
Tomorrow never comes.
The present is all we have. That’s why we call it present.
Today, now, that is when the Lord is working. He is on my side.

God is able. He is able to change me.
Change is the key. I must be what the Lord has called me to be.
No one else can do what I can do. I am usable, valuable, and the Lord wants to use me.
I believe Lord. I believe in You. I believe that I can with Your guidance.
My God can do anything.

Now is the time to begin. Set aside your worries. Let go of your hate.
Forgive those who demean you. You are a child of the King.
Pray. Lord help me. Listen. Yes, Lord, I will do it.
Every day is your day. The Lord is with you.
Jesus is Lord. Jesus loves me.

Clay Corvin
Orlando, FL