Paul writes a letter of life, dying on death row, insignificant to Rome
He writes to early Christians, His letter is a word today
He is unconcerned for his life, totally committed to our life, filled with Christ
Paul recounts his prayers for us, overflowing with the peace and joy of Jesus,

God is greater than any difficulty we will face, rejoice, we are filled with Christ
Do not fear, the Lord is in control, Jesus defeated death on the cross
What we do is not measured by size, Christ measures it; obedience is the key
Never quit, there will be many worldly reasons to quit, never quit

We are called by the Lord to minister in His name, Jesus died for us, He lives in us
Every day take joy and peace with you, Christ fills us with His love
Joy is for today, set aside failure; let Jesus heal your heart
Security is in Christ, not our money or circumstance, Jesus is the only answer

Jesus is Lord and He is with us, He has called us for His purpose
You count, Christ values your life, what you do for Him is priceless
Surrender you life to Jesus, He has called you in a unique and significant way
Bend your knee, give your life, Jesus is the right way, He loves you

Focus on Jesus, give Him your concerns; tell Him about everything you fear
Be about the Lord’s business; do something, never nothing
Learn to give, give, give more than you think you can, give all you have
Giving is central to growing; Jesus thrives in a giving heart

Paul died, you are alive; Paul’s word to you survives
It is a personal letter from death row; it speaks to your need and responsibility
Do not be fooled, following Jesus will require great humility from you
The only way you will succeed is to die to self and surrender to Jesus-He is Lord

Clay Corvin May 18, 2013