God knows you
All about you
More than you know about yourself
God knows you

How great our Lord
He is more than we can think
Absolutely majestic
He is good

He is all knowing
Looking for what He can bless
Knowing me
Change me Lord

He is all seeing
Wherever we go God is there
Loving, help me Lord

We cannot hide from God
No location
No distance
No darkness, not even death hides us from God

He created me
He understands me
He equips me
Lord stand with me

My quest in life is to know the Lord, He is worthy of all of my attention, worthy
The Lord wants to spend time with me, Wake me up from my sleep
My heart is cold, my head is dull, nothing is as wonderful as knowing the Lord
Praise the Lord, He sought me, He bought me, I surrender to Him, Save me Lord
He does, Jesus paid my price, my life is His, He is my life, Jesus is Lord
Lead me Lord, today, each day, as I walk home to be with you, God knows me

Clay Corvin June 22, 2013