The Lord remembered Noah and stopped the flood, HE remembered Abraham and saved Lot
He remembered Rachel and Hannah and gave them children
God remembered Israel and showered mercy on them, Jesus remembers you
He will not let you go, you will never disappear, Jesus loves you

David vowed to build God a home, God said no, be careful about what you vow
Our God is an awesome God, Jesus seeks us, Let Him have your heart
Life will change, no longer alone, Jesus will live with you
He will guide you, Jesus will equip you, the Lord has a plan for your life

Providence rules our day, we don’t know what will happen, the Lord does
Our community needs us, God indwells us, equips us to do His work
People need you, the Lord guides you, Jesus is our righteousness
Repent, change, be—-Lord hear us-we know He does

From the least to the greatest, we all come to the Lord the same way-through Jesus
Christ never turns us away, He takes us to the Father, He intercedes for us
Even when we are in sin, the Lord is calling us, come near, hear, Jesus is calling you
He wants you to know Him, He delivers us from our sin, let Jesus have your life

Bless us Lord, be with us today, outfit us to follow you, to serve you
Protect us in the face of great evil, tell us what to do
We know you Lord and we want to know you better, cleanse me from sin
Be with me Father, Use me Lord, thank you for being on my side, the Lord is good

Clay Corvin May 11, 2013