Mt. 27:35-37  After they had nailed him to the cross, the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice. Then they sat around and kept guard as he hung there. A signboard was fastened to the cross above Jesus’ head, announcing the charge against him. It read: “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.”

It was another day at the office following orders. The Jews were a rowdy group. They never got along with anyone. Now the soldiers had to wrestle their way through the crowd to put another Jew on the cross.
Life changing events can happen at the most unusual times. On the edge of the Roman Empire the Lord came. He lived and died in a backwater place called Israel. The Romans thought very little of the event.
The big event the Romans missed was the resurrection. He shed his blood and died for me but he didn’t stay in the tomb. The cruel cross was defeated by the power of God.
It took the blood of Christ to forgive my sin. The power of God gives me life. The blood of martyrs conquered the Roman Empire. What has Christ called you to do? It will take personal sacrifice and surrender to beat back the enemy.

Evil, wicked, barren wood pointing at the sky.
Speaking out to all the world, “see who’s in control.”
Not unlike the life I’ve lived, planned and quickly paced.
Often thinking that it was me running all the race.
But just for me he walked from jail to hang upon the cross.
Hanging there for all to see God’s plan was best of all.
The soldiers nailed his hands and feet it was just a job.
The leader ordered the cross in place
He turned and looked my way.
I saw his face and it was me.
There was victory on that tree.
He lifted me from death to life.



John 20:19-20
That evening, on the first day of the week, the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them! “Peace be with you,” he said. As he spoke, he held out his hands for them to see, and he showed them his side. They were filled with joy when they saw their Lord!

I was trained as an accountant to look at the facts. The fact is that a lot of different people witnessed the resurrected Christ.
I have a decision to make. Am I going to go it alone or chance it with Jesus? I’ve walked down dark alleys. The fear would be so heavy on my heart that I could barely breathe. When I got to the light it was as if the fears of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.
Jesus’ presence lifted the excruciating weight of the future off the disciple’s shoulder. Now they knew, He was alive.

The Room
Fear makes me do the things I said I wouldn’t do.
I twist and twirl and do the hoo-chi-coo.
It causes me to fabricate a face that isn’t there.
I also treat you badly cause I don’t think you care.
But Jesus knows my heart and all my hopes down deep.
He sees the things that make me crazy.
He reaches down inside of me and sets a captive free.
The things that made me twist and twirl are dead.
Now when I see you I can be a friend.
I don’t have to focus on who will win.
Christ has assured me that I count.
He is all and in all and lives inside my heart.
I am important and you are too.
No longer just competing I belong.
Unknown tomorrows create Savior’s song.
Jesus paid it all that I might have peace with God.




Zephaniah 3:1-2
How terrible it will be for rebellious, polluted Jerusalem, the city of violence and crime.
It proudly refuses to listen even to the voice of the LORD. No one can tell it anything; it refuses all correction. It does not trust in the LORD or draw near to its God.

The world is wrong. Jesus is Lord. The lost need Christ. Without Jesus things are not going to work out all right.
Sometimes I forget just how simple the Christian life is. Jesus is my plumb line. As I live my life day to day, I can check with Him to keep my balance. He will provide the answers to my questions. He will bring sanity to chaotic situations.
For the Christian life to be simple, I must do my part. Time with God is required. Reading His Word is the basic key to simplicity. Thinking about what His Word says equips me to face the unknown.
How do I come to grips with the rebellion and chaos of the world? Love the Lord God with all my heart and all my soul and with everything that is in me. And love my neighbor as myself.

The World is Wrong
Fellowship was His aim in creating me.
Equipping me was His goal.
I chose my own way. It broke His heart.
But still He loved me and walked beside me.
My heart and mind were foolishly distracted.
The world has ways of leading us along.
I fought the fight of riches and desire.
My heart ached and bled within my soul.
Finally, all I saw was death and destruction.
Help me Lord I was wrong.
He was waiting for me to see Him standing there.
I love you He said walk with me.

DO YOU KNOW? Acts 15

Hard for us to believe God, we know what He has said but does it apply to us?
Difficult to accept His free gift of Salvation, we need to work for it, deserve it
We cannot, we cannot, we cannot

Many say, others do, all demand –they want their say, their way, has God said?
They point to actions, distractions, look at what I’ve done, I deserve it
I’ve planned it, it is my right and yet God says there is not other way except thru Jesus

We test God, presume on God, clamor for God, expect it to be done our way
And yet we cannot rest in Him, by faith we believe, by faith we serve Him
He is Lord we cannot see Him but He has given us clear testimony in Word and Actions

No list of rules, principals
Believe, trust, obey
Those we see are most important, we minister to those we are with, not those where we aren’t

Choice is the key, we choose Jesus, He is looking for us
We cannot choose Him except that He has already chosen us, He knew us before we were born
We were dead in our trespasses and sin and Jesus died for us

Forsaken and poured out, everyone left Him, He died on the cross
You were on His mind when He died, Father forgive them, He etched you on His heart
Our words are simply words, it is our heart, do we love Jesus with all of our heart?

Clay Corvin March 5, 2016

GOSPEL OF GOD ROM. 1:1-6 & 14-17

The world is at work discrediting Christ, hating all He does
Seeking to destroy us, claiming we are narrow minded, finished
Every civilization since Christ was born has claimed this, we are still here
The World is not a friendly place, in Jesus we are one

In truth they are correct, there is one way to the Father, He decided that
Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no other way to the Father except through Him
The creator of all things, one with Father and Holy Spirit, Jesus Lord of all
Power of God unto salvation, giving us right standing with the Father, He is the Good news

The Gospel was given by God to man, we didn’t dream it up, it is divine in origin
This is the only thing God has to say to man-accept Jesus-He is my good news to you
Jesus is alive, He is here now, ask Him to forgive your sin and come into your heart
He is faithful and righteous to do just that-ask and He will save you

Jesus is fully divine and when He walked upon this Earth He was fully man
He has always been part of the Godhead-Father, Son and Holy Spirit ONE
God in the flesh-walking in the Temple –being baptized by John-died on the Cross
Laid in the tomb, buried, resurrected by the power of God and He is alive this moment

Have courage and do not fear, do not be ashamed of the Gospel
God is at work in you, tell what He is doing and has done-to everyone
His power provides freedom for us, no longer at the mercy of the world
We have new life, new freedom, peace with the Lord, He is our righteousness

Salvation is free but it isn’t cheap, Jesus died for our sin
Salvation is our choice-accept or reject
Claim His power, bend your knee to Jesus, He will save you
We are blood bought, Christ saved and divinely kept unto eternity-Jesus is Lord

Clay Corvin February 27, 2016


The Lord is thinking about you right now
24/7 – Always – everything
Never far from His thoughts
Thinking about everything that concerns you

He has a plan for you life
Before you were thought about, before you were born
The Lord made a special plan, a good plan for your life
A plan with substance and Value-Jesus loves you

His thoughts toward you are thoughts for good
Not general thoughts about mankind
Thoughts specifically about you
He knows your name, He knows where you are, Jesus is with you

Jesus has plans to prosper you
Not in the future but right now
Where you are is where you are great
You are great because the Lord is with you and He is prospering you

The Lord thinks no evil towards you
An ex may wish ill for you, a former friend may seek your failure
A former employer or relative may be thinking evil thoughts towards you
Jesus never ever thinks ill of you, His every thought about you is positive and good

God will not abandon you
Hangers on might abandon you, parents, friends and others may run from you
The Lord has comfort for you, He brings you strength, He is merciful and mighty
His covenant with you is “I will not fail you or abandon you”

The Lord gives you hope, healing hope, loving hope
He will take away the pain of loss so we can anticipate better days
He will equip us, enable us, encourage us to anticipate the good coming our way
He is our hope; Jesus gives us a reason for living even when we lose

Jesus is our success
His formula for our success is that we meditate on the Word of God
Meditate day and night to observe His Word, to know Him
Do His Word, in obedience and surrender

He has good plans for you
Jesus sees your future and He says it is good
Bend the knee, be rich in good works, always ready to share
Be extravagantly GENEROUS, and others will see Jesus and His plans in you

Clay Corvin February 13, 2016

JESUS IS OUR HOPE 1 Peter 1:3-5

Alien, sojourner
Great commission life
Our life, every life is a long march through the night
Death is our horizon – the world sees no hope
Jesus is our living hope – He is alive

Jesus defeated death on the Cross-a conquering Savior
His blood shed for me and you
Born again, cleansed-eternity bursting forth into our life
Victorious Christ reigns in our life
His kingdom on the Earth – now

Yet it is still to be-our victory-our translation to be with Him in Heaven
Jesus gives us an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled that will not fade away
We live in His kingdom now-His promise gives us possession
His faithfulness equips us to say-what can this world do to me?
Still we sin – this world we live in is broken

Everywhere we look are limitations
We go to bed at night well; rise in the morning deathly sick
Loneliness – Divorce – that abomination abortion – accidents
What will we possess right away?
His Hope, His promise -He died for us – He lives for us

One day soon we will see Him face to face
This Hope in us is imperishable and it cannot be taken away from us
It is undefiled by taint of sin
It does not fade, it is not temporary, it is forever and ever
Jesus saves us, Jesus protects us, He is our Hope

Clay Corvin February 5, 2016

Christmas Three Ways – Luke 2:1-20

God chose His way-a baby was born-His name was Jesus
He is God with us-God’s way-a process He chose
Prophecies detail His birth-Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah and others
A descendant of Jesse, a descendant of King David
The birth of Jesus was not done in a vacuum

God was concerned about our Lostness-all have sinned-all fall short of God’s glory
We are desperately in need of a Savior-dead in our trespasses-blind in our sin
An amazing thing that God has done-coming to Earth to save us
The World is a callous place-people hurting-society a disgrace
Jesus came that everyone of us might have life-an abundant life-but we must choose

Jesus born in a crowded place-dark streets-dark town
Kids, livestock, people coming and going-noise of the ordinariness of life
No one knew what was about to happen-it was just another day
The crying child Jesus heralded the way-proclaiming I’m here
Shepherds, sheep, conversation then the Angel-Do not be afraid he said

The shepherds cringed with fear-Good News for all man-a savior born in Bethlehem
Suddenly the Heavenly Host Appeared-Glory to God in the highest
Let us go straight to Bethlehem the Shepherds said
Along the way looking for the child-to all they said the Messiah is here
Retelling a hundred times-the story of the Angel and Heavenly Host

Finally they found the child-He is here-born in a manger
Good news for all of us-God has come to save us-they really didn’t understand
But they told everyone-declared to all-our Savior is born in Bethlehem
Glory to God-Glory to God-Glory to God-a ragged group of believers
Everyone was stunned at what had happened-they would talk about it for decades

Nothing like this had every happened – Bethlehem a little backwater town, out of Jerusalem’s sight
Scripture foretold this event-not a surprise to those who sought God
The fact that everyone in the story is ordinary-just folks-blinded the sight of the wise
Messiah has come-Jerusalem the city God loves did not know He was here
Pivot of history-everything changes-God is here-God is among us-WE ARE LOVED
Clay Corvin December 19, 2015


Jesus knocks, we ask Him in, He is alive in us
We reside, He provides, Spiritual sustenance we desperately need

Waiting, impatient though we are, we forget-forget-forget
He provides, His timetable, We desire and wait

So much happens, We in anger and frustration throw it out, Disappointed
Jesus calls us to Himself, Why are you angry? Why did that frustrate you?

Do you not know, I have your interest at heart, cultivate thankfulness
Learn to be still, Know me, Listen as I talk of My love for you

Anxieties, Depression, Hate-all a result of demanding, fast paced lifestyles
Learn to wait upon Me, Let me teach you to be gentle, willingly live with your uneasiness

We straddle two worlds, This world smacks us down, His world beckons us to come to Him
Patience is a virtue, Waiting develops nerves of steel, Gratitude nourishes as we wait

Look to Jesus, Let Him show you the way, His love encourages and strengthens
You cannot do it on your own, Waiting requires a focus on Jesus, Developing a confidence not seen

Faith in His Word, Life in His presence, Waiting upon Him
We grow, We serve, We love, Jesus uses us and it enables us to see Him in our waiting

Humble fear, the Holy One is near, Come Lord Jesus
We rejoice, Your birth, Your life, We hear YOU

Looking beyond our comfort, Caring for the alien and stranger, the orphan and widow
Blessings shower us, Service, Purpose, Praying, We know You better as we are waiting

Sin and death surround us, Who can deliver us, Only One-Jesus
He uses us as we are waiting, We are lost in our service, Working out our purpose

We are our brother’s keeper, We accept the burden of pain life brings, Waiting
Waiting fully confident that today is the day, Waiting knowing that He fulfills every prayer

Lord Jesus come and be with us, Be my brother Holy One, Be with me as I struggle with my sin
Make me holy and pure, Create in me a clean heart, I am waiting Lord to be with You
Clay Corvin December 12, 2015


2015-11-25 10.13.55Genealogy is for mankind, to prove the relationship of Christ the Messiah
Written from Joseph’s side, Jesus the adopted son
Descendent of Abraham, Descendent of David

Tamar the assertive one, unconventional, demanded a child
Er and Onan died, Judah lied, Tamar showed up on the roadside and conceived Judah’s child
God can use you, do what must be done, leave no stone unturned, Jesus is the one
Judah confessed his sin, Perez and Zerah born, God remembered Tamar

Rehab the harlot protected the spies, Salmon a prince of Israel took her as his wife
God’s grace transformed, Boaz born, the line continues, God is in control

An outsider came along, Ruth the Moabite, an evil nation, an incestuous Lot
Boaz married Ruth, Obed the father of Jesse the father of David
A living testimony to faith, Ruth’s loyalty rewarded by God
The outsider has a home, remembered by you and me

David knew Bathsheba, murdered Uriah, offended Ahitophel, the child dies
David punished, Solomon the second son, the grandfather Ahitophel inspires a rebellion
Israel suffers, too often the many suffer for the few, the geneaology continues
Jesus is born to an unmarried woman, Mary the Virgin, Joseph adopts him

God always keeps His word, we operate with a clouded view, God sees through
Godliness is never inherited, Godly Fathers have evil sons
Salvation is a choice, we must choose His free gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ the Messiah
God loves you, He loves you with an eternal love, Christ is calling you, now

Clay Corvin,
December 5, 2015