Mike believed the Lord and was gloriously saved
He is not ashamed of the Gospel-and speaks God’s Word
He never got over his salvation-He was committed to share with everyone
Life for all – Deliverance for the captives was his belief
Mike is a friend of God – People count with him

He loves his family – desperately, devotedly, completely
The children are lovingly cared for and
Mike’s wife Jeanne is his beloved-His partner in life
Together they fight the good fight-deal with the impossible
They pray and work and trust – their faith their life

When Mike shares the Gospel the demons run
So many times I’ve seen him share with power and strength
Grown men ask for deliverance and Mike tells them of Jesus
He is a soldier of the highest order-fearless, faithful and beloved of God
Mike has labored long and hard in the Father’s Garden-useable to the very end

He believed the Gospel was for everyone
It is practical, powerful and persistent
It helps us work through the heartache of life
It reveals the foolishness of the self-life
We are equipped by the Gospel to know Jesus Christ-Mike believed that

These are perilous times-Jesus is coming soon
The transforming power of the Gospel guided Mike step by step
Mike reached out to those around him without any airs
He was a real man who loved those he was with
You were his flock, you are loved, Mike is a friend of God

Clay Corvin August 14, 2016




Saul disobeyed the Lord, but obedience is better than sacrifice
We try to manage God, thinking HE is just a much bigger version of us
The Lord said “Obey me”, not to put us down but to lift us up
We think we know better, get impatient and run ahead of God
When we reject the Word of God, His Word rejects us

Samuel followed God, even when he was scared, willing to obey unto death
Often obedience comes with a high price now, and eternal reward later
When we don’t understand and obey, we are being faithful, we don’t have to understand
But we do have to obey, out of our obedience we discover significant things about our self and God
The Lord is good all the time and all the time He is good, there is victory in knowing the Lord

Build your spiritual strength, obedience puts you on the right track
Out of our daily walk comes wisdom to live life and mercy to deal with our hard hearts
His grace poured out upon us keeps us close, renewed and usable
Living for the Lord develops our understanding of sin and the wisdom to avoid it
Jesus in you is your hope, He is God’s everything

Deep in your heart you yearn to know the Lord and purpose to serve the Lord
That is a person after God’s own heart, He can use you and He will
David knew the Lord and knew that in life the battle is always the Lord’s battle
He had it in his heart to obey the Lord and you do too!
Surrender your daily habits to Jesus and let Jesus guide you step by step

Obey Him, obey His Word, search for Him without reservation
Purpose in your heart to do whatever He says and He will not leave you alone
All of us must deal with sin, that evil giant of sin is all around, it intimidates us
Especially since we have developed a refined ability to sin-but the battle is the Lord’s
Let go and let Jesus fight all of your battles, He is victory, obey the Lord and follow Him.

Clay Corvin       August 6, 2016






Real people connect, respect and listen
They aren’t trying to impress you
They value you – a person uniquely created by God
In the image of the Lord
One who can bend the knee to Jesus and live in His righteousness

Community is important with real people
No lone rangers in the kingdom
We are brothers and sisters of Christ
He is our elder brother and we are God’s children
The Father is our Father-The Holy Spirit indwells each of us

Real people live no excuse lives
They look out for those around them
They serve and serve and serve
The needy have a place in their heart
They stand with the community of Christ to help the helpless

They are an example to follow
Women submit to their husband in marriage, not society
Husbands submit to Christ-He died for the church
But women and men have the same standing with Christ
They are servants first and leaders second

Becoming is their mantra
Becoming more like Jesus day by day
Dealing with sin in their life
Standing up under pressure
Whining and moaning are set Aside-Jesus died for them-they die for Him

Sin is rooted out whenever it rears its ugly head
Hands, feet and mind have been trained to rush to sin-now they must be retrained
Real people fight their sin and submit it to Jesus
He will equip them, He will enable them, they must turn from their sin
You aren’t weak, too often just lazy in dealing with sin-root it out

Real people submit to Jesus
Their life, their activities, their heart
They become His hands and feet in their community
Sacrifice and service to the Lord and to their fellow man
Vengeance belongs to God, Their life is in submission to Jesus to serve the Father

The world never changes
Real people are constantly changing, Becoming more like Jesus,
Testing, checking, equipping, encouraging, enabling
Prayer is their first defense; the Bible helps them grow in Godliness
Jesus constantly their companion, He is Lord, He is God’s everything

Clay Corvin July 16, 2016




I’ve been thinking about this all week. As I’ve upped and downed this has weighed on my mind and my heart. After several conversations out of the blue with staff members and me chiming in with thoughtful, insightful (quite ironic) suggestions the Lord pointed the finger of guilt at me.

1 Timothy 4:7-10 7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. 8 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 9 This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance. 10 That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

I’ve struggled with physical training since I completed my Army service. I am a devoted workaholic, to the point of ignoring my own spiritual training. At this point in my life it is time that I began to assess and faithfully deal with my own PERSONAL GODLINESS. If I don’t I will regret it. Everyday is a challenge and I need to face that challenge of growth in Godliness as I deal with my work, my study, my writing and all other aspects of personal relationships.


I am responsible for the way I live my life
I can’t duck behind an addiction or oversight
Mindless activity does not absolve me
Worldly endeavors must not absorb my time
Life is winding down quickly
Time is of the essence
Do it now is my theme song-DO IT NOW

I will focus on the things of God
All found in the person of Jesus Christ
I want to know Him better
My conversation with Him will be detailed
First I must bring the needy before Him
Second is my own personal sinfulness
Sin is real, it is deep, it is pervasive, Lord cleanse me

Heaven is just ahead
I don’t know what it will be like but I know it will be wonderful
Jesus will be there and I will praise Him now to deepen my praise then
Jesus will be the focus of my existence there-I will make it my focus now
Everything I do must be weighed in the sight of the Father
Lord give me spiritual eyes that I might see your activity
You Lord Jesus will be at the center of all I do

My hope is in Jesus
Bible reading will be done with an awareness of its focus on Jesus
Daily prayers will be said in light of His presence-I will say it to His face
My actions will be reviewed in the presence of the Father-no excuses
Therefore I will keep short accounts of sin and confess them immediately
I want to strive to become like Jesus – more like Jesus everyday in every way

Clay Corvin  7/13/16




Trouble comes, unbidden, unwanted, yet still it comes
Bad decisions, others decisions, good decisions and hard times
Trouble has a way of showing up on its own, nothing we did
Even when we are doing God’s will, suddenly we are in harm’s way
Trouble rears its ugly head, we nearly drown from its onslaught

There may be no good answer to why trouble comes, although that is a valid question
We only see life from our perspective, God’s activity eluding us
We are persuaded by our faith that God is true, He is perfect and we can rely on Him
We read his word, He is alive in us moving us, giving us faith and our faith grows
Now today I am overwhelmed but when the morning comes the Son will shine and I will be free
I know this by faith right now, He will never leave me, one day face to face I will see Him

Jesus made us, He knows each one of us as if there were no other of us
He is Lord, Lord of all and Lord of me, His precious blood redeemed me
Forever I belong to Him, this world is passing away but my faith is leading me to Him
He is the giver of faith, I read, I pray, I experience His presence, I remember His miracles
I grow, I believe, I know that I know that I know, Jesus Lord and Savior You have me
Jesus has called me for a purpose, He uses me, I obey Him, He will not let me go

We are not alone, Jesus is here, in the midst of our trouble, Christ is with us
He is our refuge, a present help, we can talk with Him, know Him more
We pull closer to Jesus in the midst of our woes, we pour out our hearts and He hears us
Jesus died for us, His life is absolute and complete, He knows all about us
The end is as the beginning to Jesus, nothing is hidden from Him, still He loves us
Noting can separate us from Him, nothing can cause us to be cast away, Jesus loves me

My mind cannot comprehend eternity, neither can I understand His activity
I am experiencing trouble, the Lord will weave this trouble into the time of my life
He says that every thought He has for me is a thought for good, I believe this
By faith I walk forward, the pain and agony is real and hurts, I keep walking
I know that one day this too will pass, that the Lord never wastes a hurt
Out of this experience He will give me more faith, I will know Him better, praise the Lord
Clay Corvin 6/25/16


YOU HAVE – 1PETER 1:10-23

You have been selected
By Jesus, Creator, loving Lord
You have been sanctified
By the blood of Christ, by His atoning work, by the Godhead’s plan
You have been supplied
All you need in Jesus, wisdom-mercy-grace-understanding, call out to Christ

You have received an inheritance
Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Assured in the heavenlies by the work of Jesus
Jesus is Lord, He is your Lord, He is everything you need for salvation

Therefore, rejoice, the Lord says rejoice
His power gives us authority to rejoice
I can choose to rejoice in all things in Christ, He is LORD of all
His love underscores everything I do, in all places, in all circumstances

You can give honor, glory and praise to the Father
He is worthy of all
He is our Father, He is our God, He loves you
He will never leave you, you are bought with a price and belong to Him

You gird up your mind
Be sober and realistic
Life is hard and you can deal with it
Depend on His grace as you serve Him today, as you work towards a face to face meeting

You are called to obedience
So do what Jesus says
Be an obedient servant, willing and able
What you do speaks volumes much louder than words-it is the truth about you

You be changed
Make the journey from lust to learning
Bend your knee to Jesus, right now and continuing
He is Lord and He changes you

You have been made holy
Therefore be focused on Jesus
Let Christ control you moment by moment
Know that you belong to Him, Jesus makes you holy by HIS sacrifice

You have been made loving
Jesus in you, Jesus directing you
Love one another Jesus says
Your love is what changes the world, be His world changer

Clay Corvin June 4, 2016

OURS … 1 PETER 1:4-9

JESUS is the author
Creating us
Paid the price for us
His great victory over death
Salvation free for you and me
Eternal membership in the Family of God

Provides an inheritance
Secure, perfect in every way
Usable now but one-day face to face
We will know it fully and it is with God right now
The Father protecting us insuring our arrival right on time

Distressed by trials
Many and varied in nature
Nonetheless great challenges
We know every day is a good day
We belong to Him, He belongs to us

Tested by fire
Our faith shines through
Praising and proclaiming His glory
Jesus alive and well and one day we will see Him face to face
But now we believe by faith until we do see

Jesus is Lord – almighty God
Joy and peace is ours
Our belief has made us whole
Jesus is in control
Praise God through whom all blessings flow- Jesus is Lord

Clay Corvin May 14, 2016

ALL IN ALL …. 1 PETER 1:4-9

I am a child of the king, He is life and light and LORD, filling me with His glory
Guiding me towards life, people count, He has already made a place for me in heaven

Right now my place is here, I am just passing through, what I do to whom and how counts
God the righteous judge, His mercy immeasurable, provides my living hope

Jesus keeps me alive, He quickens my spirit, building my faith
This supports me as I face each day, this living hope conducts me through life to heaven

My inheritance is now, as effective in life as it is in heaven, imperishable
In Christ it will not fade, it does not diminish, it is reserved by Jesus for you

This inheritance is the sum total of all that God has promised us in Salvation
A glory greater than we can imagine, a life so amazing that it is effective right now

Every day is a good day, nothing can overcome us, God is in control
Circumstances will not deter us, trials are real but Jesus overcomes, they result in praise to the Father

Faith in God protects us, His power overcomes the world, He is Lord
We do not see Him, yet we love Him and believe in Him, resulting in the salvation of our souls

Clay Corvin              May 14, 2016


Life is lived moment by moment
One moment strong
One moment weak
Too quick we lose our vigor
Too quick we give up

A moment to fail – don’t give up
A moment to succeed – be careful
Many lead lives of quiet desperation
Medicate it and we become an addict
Ignore it and it will gain the power to control

In youth we look pretty
Bones heal, injuries fix
Good as new we walk and run
Under the sun we age every day
One day we cannot run – walking is a chore

Our minds throw us off
They don’t see the aging
They don’t feel the waning strength
Until one day we are surprised
Life isn’t easy anymore – every day a chore

What can we do in a moment?
What can change in our situation?
Rejoice in the day!
Claim the joys of a life well lived!
Bend the knee to Jesus – let Him guide you

The competition isn’t between us
We are called to help and encourage
The value is in us – not what we do but what we are
Jesus our Creator calls us into service
People need the Lord – we are His hands and feet

A life well lived is our goal – Jesus changes everything
A life devoted to Him brings personal joy
What we give away cannot be stolen
Jesus is the reason we can seize the day
Life is lived moment by moment

Clay Corvin 5/7/16




3/28-29/16 very easy flight to Israel. Monday they had heavy rain in Jerusalem but when we landed at Ben Gurion today, TU, the sky was clear and sunny and 58. 

Stan drove us to Neve Ilan where we will stay 2 nights and along the way we stopped at the SI Espresso at Latrun. 

ISRAEL. -WE -Mar 30, 2016

Breakfast at Neve Ilan and on the road to Bet Shemesh. 

It’s amazing what the Lord is doing in this place.  Samson’s stomping grounds include Biblical Bet Shemesh located in the Sorek Valley about 30kms west of Jerusalem. Big traffic jam this morning.  The first little hill to the right is Zora which is the birth place of Samson. 

We passed Bet Guvrin but didn’t stop. They have done a good job fixing the Roman amphitheater which can be seen from the highway. 

Tel Lachish is next. The siege of Lachish by the Assyrians took place in 701 BC. They are in the process of rebuilding the entrance ramp and gate area. It is located in the Shephelah area between Mount Hebron and the Mediterranean. 

We drove around a bit to find the right entrance to Tel Tsafit (Ancient Gath).  Dr Parker, Dr Cole and Dr Warner will be digging at Gath this summer beginning June 25.  Huge site. This ancient Philistine city is mentioned in the El-Armana Letters (1400BC) and often mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. 

We crisscrossed the Via Maris and as we moved from site to site this morning I was reminded of the significant activity of the ancients in this area. Every empire passed thru here. 

The countryside was in full bloom. Prodigious amounts of grapes, and flowers and everything in full greenery. Great weather and beautiful skies. 

We stopped at SI Espresso at Latrun for coffee and lunch. 

ISRAEL-  WE-3/30/16 part 2

It was after 2 when we had lunch. Lots of conversation and Tsvika joined us. Finished about 3:30. As noted lots of conversation. We were planning to end the day on the coast but it’s late and the traffic gets fierce about the time we would be coming back so we packed it in. 

The day has been quite eventful and we covered a lot of ground. 

The folks are working hard at Lacish to finish the site entrance so we will monitor that and see if we need to add that on the regular tours in the near future. 

Because of the Biblical significance of Gath and the fact that 3 of our faculty will be excavating there starting this summer really gives value to us in possibly adding this site to our program. 

I really love this area and its historicity. 

Amazingly I left out our ELAH VALLEY visit right after Bet Shemesh this morning. Everything is green in the Elah Valley. We discussed David and Goliath, went to the top of the hill by the Gas station to get an overview of the site and the battle. We didn’t go down to the creek and get 5 smooth stones. 

TOMORROW WE HEAD TO GALILEE. TURNING NORTH ON HIGHWAY 6 visiting Casarea Maritima, Mt Carmel, Magiddo, maybe Nazareth Overlook and Afula then on to Tamar Bakfar and Maagan where we will spend 4 nights.  

Thanks for joining us. 


We spent two nights at Neve Ilan. It is a working man’s hotel. Clean comfortable rooms. Not far from the airport. Good food. I’ve been staying here my first night or two in Israel and it usually gets me thru the jet lag and on the go. 

We are leaving this morning and will spend four nights at Maagan on the southern end of the Sea of Galilee. 

Breakfast at Neve Ilan is just spectacular. It’s usually my favorite meal in Israel. To start with they do omlettes to order. They have fresh wheat rolls with sesame seeds. The cheese bar has 6 kinds of cheese, excellent by the way, 6kinds of homemade jams (prickly pear jam, Apple, sweet potato, egg plant, apricot), boiled eggs, cheese cake freshly made, 8-10 items on the hot food bar, raw veggies and additional cereal bar with raw yogurt. Wow. Great. Any way I did my best. 

We loaded up and left for Caesarea. We picked Gilla up at Latrun-Si Espresso, and a cup of espresso and then on the road. 

We traveled the Via Maris (Hwy 6) north until we cut over to Casarea. Our visit there included the Roman Aquaduct on the Med.  then over to the Crusader City and ancient Roman Harbor, another espresso, the Caesarea movie and then the Roman Amphitheater and Herod’s house where Paul was jailed. 

We ate lunch at Muhraqa, at a Druze restaurant. Excellent. It’s after 1pm and we have to get busy. We visited the Carmelite Monastery and talked about Elijah. 

Megiddo was next and it took us

About 20 minutes to

Get there. Good site visit and off we go. 

We are stopping on the way to Beit Shean at Moledat to visit a friend. It didn’t take us long and then we went to Beit Shean what a marvelous site. Lots of pics. Great amphitheater. 

The drive to Maagan was uneventful and short. We stopped by Tamar Bakfar on the way, they had three bus loads of folks there so went on to Maagan and check in. 

I drove back over to Aroma to finish my day-great espresso!

What a day this has been. We went by Jezreel one of Ahab’s palaces, saw where the Witch of Endor lived and just on the other side of the mountain was the widow of Nain, drove thru The area where Deborah judged and Gideon fought. AMAZING. THANK YOU LORD   

Tomorrow the Golan, Ilan Shulman and our jeep ride, Caesarea Philippi, Nimrod Castle and another Druze Village. We may even make it to Cafe Anon. 

Blessings on you and your family. 


No pranks today. 

Breakfast and on the road. 

We drove directly to Merom Golan, a kibbutz in the northeastern part of the Golan. It took about 1hr 15 min driving time as Stan drove like Jehu to get us there. Just kidding. Stan has done a superb job in driving us around Israel and that is saying something. 

We made one stop along the way to take pictures of a stunning view of Mt Hermon with snow on the top. As we took pictures we noticed several huge birds lazily soaring over us. They were huge vultures like one sees at Gamla. Huge. Very beautiful birds inflight. 

We met Ilan Schulman at Merom Golan and he took us on his off-road tour of the Golan. 

Excellent, informative, exciting and enjoyable. I have a couple of off-road enthusiasts with me and they liked the trip. The beauty is indescribable. The weather was perfect. The ride was off-road. The lecture was rich-info on the current situation as it relates to Israel. Time well spent. 

After departing Ilan we turned left out of the gate and drove up to Coffee Anon (coffee in the clouds) and had lunch. We photographed everything we could see from the top of Mt Bental. 

About 1pm when we were tired of taking stunning photos and lunch was settling we hustled over to Caesarea Philippi.  

Pictures, discussions and walking around the site. This is an interesting place because it is so related to outrageous sin and yet Jesus felt it was important to bring the disciples to this Las Vegas of the ancient world. What other place so desperately sinful could Jesus go to declare his ministry confidence in Peter. Christianity operates in the real not in a vacuum. It flourishes in the hurting and dispossessed. It’s for where sin is for the light of Jesus dispels the sin and darkness of the evil one. 

Our next stop was Dan Nature Reserve. The group walked over to the river and then we drove around to the Dan/Abraham Gate which dates back nearly 3,800 years. 

We read the passage in Gen 14 that deals with Abram going after the robbers. “Gen 14:16 He brought back all the goods AND his relative Lot!  Abram wanted to prove he wasn’t a man to be trifled with and he was concerned with his nephew Lot. 

We took the mountain road overlooking the Huleh Valley down to the cutover at Chorazin and back to Maagan on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. 

We passed Kursi and Sisita and En Gev but didn’t stop. We dropped off a couple of folks at Maagan and drove straight to Tamar Bakfar. It’s a family farmstead on the Sea of Galilee. I got some dried ginger, dried strawberries, candied cashews, almonds, pecans and my favorite daughter-inlaw some Bora Bora tea.  The tea smells great but not sure what all is in it. 

A short stop at Aroma and Bible Study led by Jim Parker.  Both were superb. 

Off to bed shortly!

Blessings on your. It’s been a great one!



A word from Friday: Let me begin with a brief story from Friday. We were driving to a bunker on the Golan.  We stopped to take pictures of white eagles soaring and swooping over us. Ilan pointed out that these were snake eaters. Snakes?  Oh yeah, Ilan said, we have lots of racers and vipers on the Golan. Okay. I’m not a fan of snakes so I love these eagles. 


I have never seen the land of Israel more beautiful than we’ve seen it this trip.  We are coming back in May and unfortunately it will be mostly brown then so we are enjoying the green and the flowers everywhere. 

Visited with our friend Tom Brimmer, an Israeli guide, at breakfast. Then we were on the road. 

Our first stop was the Mount of Beatitudes. Dr Parker led us through the Beatitudes and we visited the church and the site. The views are priceless. The valley where the sermon on the mount would have taken place is a natural amphitheater.

This is the most busses we’ve seen this trip. There were 14 groups at the Mount of Beatitudes and people everywhere. We moved on to our next stop. 

Stan drove down the mountain to Capernaum where began our next site visit. The White Synagogue, the Synagogue of Jesus was the first stop. We took Pictures and someone sat in Moses seat.  We had some discussion about the fund raising in the synagogue which is noted on a column and then we went outside under the trees for a short devotional. Gilla took us to Peter’s house where we took more pictures then returned to our vehicle and headed to Tabgha. 

They too had a lot of folks but we parked and went in the church. Jim noted the destruction from the arson about a month ago. The church was not destroyed and we looked at their mosaics and back to our van. 

Our next stop was the Primacy of Peter, Mensa Christi, where the Lord had laid out a charcoal fire on the beach. He told them to put down their nets and they caught 153 fish. They recognized Jesus and Peter was forgiven and sent out again. He didn’t stop telling about Jesus the rest of his life. This is one of my favorite sites. Right on the Sea of Galilee. 

We had completed the seeing the sites around the Sea of Galilee and now drove across Galilee to Zippori which is an ancient Roman City from the time of Jesus near Nazareth. As we drove we pointed out many sites we didn’t have time to visit: Mt Arbel, Magdala, Horns of Hittin, Cana of Galilee and several others. Lush green with beautiful flowers everywhere. 

Our visit to Zippori (Sepphoris- Roman name) included the Mona Lisa of the Galilee mosaic on the hilltop governor’s house, the Nile mosaic and the others down off the Cardo and discussions about how the Romans laid out their cities. There is a strong probability that Jesus worked here with his father as the Romans were building the city. As we drove out of the site Dr Parker shares about the water system here at Zippori. 

We went up to the overlook in Upper Nazareth and then around to the Nazareth Aroma for lunch. Excellent of course. 

Our touring day was done, it’s after 2pm so we set our course for Maagan and meandered (it took us 2 hours) across country coming down to the Sea of Galilee by the Poriya Descent. Another marvelous day. 

We met with Becky Brimmer at dinner while she waited on Tom’s group to get back. She is a great leader for BRIDGES FOR PEACE , a good friend and both her and her husband Tom are on fire for the Lord. They are going to South Africa on business in the next couple of weeks so we will keep them in our prayers. 

Tomorrow we will go to Gamla and cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Our time in the land of Israel is half over. Time passes so fast here. 

Blessings on you and your family. 

Thanks for joining us in spirit on our trip. If you haven’t been to Israel you really need to come. Maybe you can join us one day. When you have traveled the land of Israel you read your Bible in full color instead of Black and white!  Jesus is Lord.  


Breakfast and on the road turning right out of the kibbutz and heading over to Nof Ginosar to catch the Galilee Boat but different. We will board a 14 passenger electric boat that is a duplicate of the Ancient Boat (Jesus Boat) at Kibbutz Nof Ginosar. 

It’s an amazing experience. Quiet. Close to the water, you can put your hand into the Sea of Galilee. So much different than the larger boats and you get an experience that is similar to the ancient boats at the time of Jesus. 

Stan did our devotional: excellent as always. 

We visited the Ancient Boat exhibit, had coffee/sodas and talked about the very good experience on the Sea of Galilee. I think it was my best. 

We left Nof Ginosar and drove up the Golan to Gamla-the Grand Canyon of Israel. They gave us permission to drive down to the synagogue and that enables us to go to the bottom. Lots of great pics. The vultures and Eagles cAme out and gave us an aerial show. Stunning, beautiful, engrossing. Wow. Again an outstanding visit to Gamla. 

The drive back down to the Sea of Galilee was beautiful. We could oversee in the northern half of the lake where 2/3’s of Jesus’ ministry took place. 

We had lunch and it was 3pm so we called it a touring day. We got back to Maagan at 3:30pm.  

Bible study at 6pm, dinner and overnight. Tomorrow we load up and head down the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem and the Dan Panorama for 4 nights. We’ve been gone 7 days, toured 5 and seen central and northern Israel very well. Now to the desert, Bathabara and Qumran 


Transition day traveling from the Galilee to Jerusalem by way of the Jordan Valley. Everywhere is beautifully green. 

We passed the Aroma at the Junction but didn’t stop. Oh well. 

Stan drove the 126kms to Bethabara where John was baptizing and where he may have baptized Jesus. The Judean Wilderness isn’t far. There was an Ethiopian group there being baptized.  Beautiful. We read the baptismal event in Matthew 3. Jim shared the historical background and led in prayer. We moved on to Qumran just up the road. 90 degrees at the Dead Sea today and projected to be 95 on Friday. Hot. 

We saw the historical film at Qumran, visited the site, took pictures in front of the caves where the manuscripts were found and walked back to the van. 

We were off to Kalia Beach.  There was some discussion about the fish pedicure, Rick knows what I’m talking about but it was $9. and I passed on the experience. I think JP also knows what I’m talking about. We also visited the Dead Sea our main reason for stopping. 

We followed Jim driving like Jehu into Jerusalem and amazingly didn’t get a ticket. Thankfully. 

We checked into the Dan Panorama Jerusalem. 

Lunch was at the American Colony. 

At 4pm we took a cab to the Jaffa Gate and walked in to the Holy Sepulcher. Beautiful. We stood in line at the empty tomb but the wait wasn’t long. A little shopping. Then back to the hotel. I detoured from our little group and went by the Aroma at the Mamilla, just sayin, had coffee and walked back to the Dan Panorama. 

My counter says 14,750 steps. Wow. Me feet feel it.  

We will finalize our activities for tomorrow in the morning. Jim Parker leaves tomorrow night and will be home early WED. We’ll miss him. 

Wish all of you were here with us. 




Ah Tuesday. Time has flown and we are winding down our pilgrimage. It has all been great. I’ve missed seeing many of you but have many photos and memories to share with you. 

“Today is a good day!”  It has really been a good day here. Two exciting incidents today- both involving traffic. Nothing like driving in Israel. 

We can out of the Lion Gate and Stan was to pick us up there. Oh my goodness the amazing chaos that ensued blocking us from turning around to leave!  Gilla finally called in a policeman to solve our problem. It was intense and Stan was so cool!  I had about five folks I was confronting and the policeman walked up and said everybody stop and began giving directions and we cleared it up toute suite. Then as we were going down the hill a huge truck turned in and blocked the road. Stan immediately sped up and the guy backed down from chicken and backed out. Wow. Finally on our way. Intense problems avoided and 30 minutes later we were laughing about the incident. Hilariously funny AFTER the event. 


We left the hotel and drove around the city walls, pointing out the Neu Gate, Damascus Gate, Herod/Flower Gate, Kidron Valley, Lion Gate and Stan let us out at the Dun Gate. We proceeded to the Temple Mount after clearing security. 

Excellent visit. Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock, differentiation of the various building periods, Eastern Gate and exiting the Mount in the Moslem Quarter near the Lion Gate. As we were leaving the Temple Mount a very large number of UN related diplomats were entering. Their cars had filled up the small lot next to the exit. Oh well who knows what’s going on there. 

We walked a short way up the street and went into St Anne’s and the Pool of Bethesda (Jn 5). Read the Scripture and prayed.  Moving site. Sang with a group in St Anne’s the Crusader Church. 

We walked up the Via Dolorosa a short way and took pics. That was when we met Stan and experienced the chaos at the Lion’s Gate then on to the Mt of Olives. 

What a view. Beautiful. Lots and lots of pics. Gilla did her typically masterful overview of the city view. 

Stan drove DOWN the Gethsemane Descent. Whew. Straight down. He parked in a small lot about 100 meters from the Church of All Nations but still up the hill. We walked down. Saw the ancient Olive trees, oldest trees in the city. Their roots may be from the time of Christ as the Romans cut everything down when they destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. We visited the Church of All Nations and Stan picked us up there and we were off to St Peter in Gallicantu. No problems on the drive over. Busses and people everywhere but the groups were mostly Asians and Europeans. 

Gilla did a good job of introducing and detailing the site pointing out the ancient Stepped Way which dates back to the Hasmoneans, the current church building and all of the things there that could have related to the time of Jesus. We also discussed the Sanhedrin. At the time of Jesus the Romans already exercised significant control of them. 

Coffee in the little shop and up the hill to the Upper Room. This particular location is on the Madaba map and has been venerated and extolled as the place since early Christianity. Very nice stop. I like to think of the various interactions here. 11 of the disciples are thinking about Jesus. They are reliving the triumphal entry. Peter is about 12 or so hours from denying Jesus. Judas is thinking about the money he will get for betraying Jesus. He is angry and wants Jesus to destroy the Romans but Jesus refuses to be Judas’ idea of Messiah. 

People count. You count. Jesus died on the cross specifically for you because it was the very thing you needed most. You count with the Lord. 

We went downstairs to see David’s tomb which isn’t David’s tomb but instead is a place where David can be honored. A place that keeps the idea of a Davidic Kingdom before the people. 

We had a late lunch at Adom’s which is a popular restaurant at the Old Train Station. It’s just three blocks from our hotel-Dan Panorama. 

Jim Parker finished our Bible Study in Luke and he left for the airport. He will be home mid-day WED. 

We will Lord willing go to BETHLEHEM tomorrow and come back to the Jewish Quarter. 

Have a good day and a restful night. 

From Jerusalem. Pray for peace. 



Chilly morning. Cool day. A little sun. 

Stan drove us to the border crossing to Bethlehem. Johnny picked us up in his van and took us to the Church of the Nativity. 

This wasn’t just a typical trip because Johnny took us thru the old city of Bethlehem. Streets that were one lane, parked cars both sides, stores lining the streets. Old buildings that have lots of history. We went through the old market. It was a lot of fun. As an aside Jim Lee and I got lost on those same streets about 20 years ago. 

The Church of the Nativity is the oldest church in Christendom. It is old and new and steeped in traditions. When you visit you are encouraged because the Lord has used all kinds of people. We were able to slip in a visit between the Roman Catholic and the Armenian morning worship. It is so very different than our worship. The incense kills my sinuses. 

After a short stop with Edward Tabash Johnny took us back to to the border crossing. Oh yes we went by the Shepherds’ Fields. Gilla said they were growing apartment buildings now. 

Next stop was John the Baptist’s birthplace-Ein Karem. We toured the town, saw Mary’s Well and the churches. Traffic was tough but Stan negotiated it well and he took us on to the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum. We also visited the Jerusalem Model. 

Lunch was on our mind and since it was 12:30 pm. we went to Touro Restaurant overlooking the cinematheque and the Hinnom Valley. It wasn’t far from the Montifiore Windmill. 

After lunch Stan dropped me at Mt Zion. I went into the Jewish Quarter  visiting the Hurva Synagogue, the Cardo and then Shorashim (Moshe & Dov). Moshe had to leave but I visited with Dov for about an hour. They are doing well. 

It was time to begin my walk back to the hotel. Along the way I walked the Christian Quarter Road, David Street, visited several shops including the Alabama Store (2 Championship T-shirts in Hebrew) and did around at Jaffa Gate. Oh yes, I did get an Aroma Coffee (large Americano Cold Coffee) and walked up King David past the King David Hotel, YMCA, turning right on Mapu and the right again into the Dan’s front door. 

I loved the time in the Old City.  Very good day. 


Sabbath dawns for fearful friends

Jesus died on Friday

They are mourning-too desperate  to sleep

Fearful and alone

No scenario they think of can make things better

Two women who followed him

Go to the tomb to fix him

Find an angel stunningly bright

Do not fear-He is alive-He has risen from the grave

He has gone to Galilee-He will meet you there. 

Fearful, joyously they ran to tell all

Jesus appeared along the way

They worshipped Him

Do not fear-Go and tell Jesus said

I will meet you in Galilee

Jesus Christ is Lord of all

He cares for each of us 

He seeks to calm our fears and life

He holds us in His arms

He seeks our hearts-turn to him

Jesus tells us do not fear

The world cannot destroy us

We belong to the Lord-members of His family

Death and the grave could not hold Him

It will not hold us

Jesus brings us peace and joy-His life given for us

The power of God raised Him from the grave

Giving us what we need and cannot earn

Grace & salvation setting us free

Jesus Lord and Savior

Clay Corvin 4/7/16


Last touring day. 

First stop for today was the Garden Tomb. We walked thru this beautiful garden thought by some to be the garden and sepulcher of Joseph of Arimathea and the empty tomb of Jesus. We had a devotional time in the Nook and went thru the empty tomb. Sammy and Mohammed made a way for us to park at the entrance.   This is always a highlight for me. It is a place to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord that we can have such a memorable place to spend these few moments contemplating His life and being thankful for His love for us. 

Stan drive out of this traffic jammed area and we made our way across town to the Haas Promenade which is an overlook of Jerusalem from the south. It is located next to the HILL OF EVIL COUNCIL which is the headquarters of the U.N.  Enough said. 

We then went down into the Hinnom Valley (place of eternal burning in Old Testament days and at the time of Jesus) and saw the location of the Pool of Siloam and up thru the City of David (it is indeed straight up) and proceeded around on the road next to the Old City to the Kidron Valley Overlook. Wonderful. Wonderful. Beautiful sights up into the Mt of Olives. Gilla pointed out all of the sights including this we had visited. 

Next stop up to the Mt of Olives and on the ridge road across to Mt Scopus. The Dead Sea view wasn’t because of the fogginess of that whole area. But we saw where it was. 

We went to lunch at IMA (Mother) Restaurant Jerusalem. Very good food. 

Our last stop of the day was the Mahane Yehuda market. There are more than 250 vendors selling fruits, vegetables, apparel and prepared foods. There is an Aroma Espresso Bar here. I had a cold Americano. Excellent. 

Stan did a magnificent job of dealing with the traffic snarls. Back to the hotel for packing, a quick visit with Neil and Gilla, dinner , a short nap-up at 12:01am and head to the airport. 

Home Friday night about 7pm. A really good pilgrimage. Please plan to go to Israel sometime soon. 

All the best  –  Clay


A man of joy

Laughter always near

Faces life without fear

Living fully each day

He knows how to work

He lives life God’s way

A family man

He deeply loves his wife

His children his life

No regrets, no fears

He is filled with God’s spirit

Jesus shaped his years

Successful, tither

Laborer for Christ

He is committed to God’s plan

No guile, no selfishness

A single focus

Jesus is the center of his life


Every day 

Walking Jesus’ way

Living life in victory

A child of God

Today-he lives today

Generous, caring

Sensitive to God’s nudge

People are his focus

Striving to help, committed to serve

Jesus is Lord 

Surrendered and sold out

Clay Corvin  4/8/16


My heart is right oh Lord

My heart is right

I have an excitement in my soul

This journey is meant to be

I’ve thought it through

I’ve prayed it through

Prepared, details

All I’ve done points to success 

I don’t know 

What I don’t know

But I’m ready to learn

Fear has no place in my heart

Journey proud today

I’m on the way

Obstacles rearing their head

You oh Lord have ordained my trip

I pray You remove all stops

No more gotchas

Be still my heart

Lord prepare me

I am yours

Fill my heart with YOUR thoughts 

Make me a usable vessel 

Equip me with eyes to see

Your Word oh Lord guides me

It speaks life, discovery, strength

Be my guide as I go

You Lord are my protection. 

Clay Corvin  4/24/16




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