New year, new day, new way

I will Lord, the key for me is: I will

Listen to your Word, hidden in my heart

Setting me apart, claiming my mind

Calming my soul

Your Word will make me whole

Walk your way, each day, every day

Conversations with you salted with quiet

Speak Lord, I will hear

You Lord have the floor

Scarred knees, broken heart

Your way Lord not mine

Surrender my ego, it’s not about me

A servant’s heart, needs galore

All around are your hurting ones

You’ve called me to help, to serve

Service is not a position of rulership

It issues forth from a loving soul

Love you with all my heart and soul

Love my brother, sister as myself

Forgive, forgive, forgive

Seventy times seven

As you forgive me, so I forgive others

Even those that are wrong, Father I forgive

Before they wrong me I forgive

When they are hurtful I forgive

When I am right I forgive 

All that I do will be done in your sight

I will accept your correction

I will blaze a trail of joy and peace

My heart will be open, my life yours

Please do not give up on me

Lord Jesus I am yours!


Clay Corvin – Neve Ilan, 12/31/18