Standing in glory, the Lord our God
Stepped down from His throne
Born in a dark world alone, only His faith to guide Him
We ignored Him, Praying, Prophesying, Promoting our own ideas
The Virgin was with child, her husband had great faith
The shepherds came, the Wise men came
The Father named Him Jesus, for He would save His people from their sin

We see Him going to Egypt, then in Nazareth
Grilled by the priests in the Temple
Then Baptized by John at Bethabara, tested by Satan
Teaching the disciples, eating with common people
Ignored by the Elite and Religious
He healed the sick, raised the dead, spoke to thousands in the wilderness
He cared for the weak, helpless and infirm; The very ones society disdains
Have you not heard, Our God is a mighty God, He is complete in Himself
His plans are not changed by the wealthy, or the wise in their own eyes

Christ came searching for you and for me, He offered salvation
Freedom from bondage to sin, a relationship with the Father
Family membership, life like God’s life
It was free, so that no one could boast, by His grace are we freed

He knows the end from the beginning, nothing surprises Him
The Perfect Son, fully man, fully God-Jesus our Savior

Now we see Him by faith, but in that day we will stand face to face
We will know Him, we will be with Him
He will never let us go-we belong

Clay Corvin
December 25, 2018